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Tinkerbell Costumes

Tinkerbell Costumes

Tinkerbell is the frisky little pixie from the classic tale, Peter Pan. Aside from Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell is one of the characters most synonymous with Disney and is considered to be a symbol of the magic of Disney, flying through many Disney film credits and commercials trailed by a blaze of pixie dust. The Tinkerbell costume as we know it from the movies features a strapless lime green dress with a pointed trim and transparent fairy wings. We have many styles for girls, teens and women including women's sexy versions.

The outfits for girls are fun and fancy-free. They are more frilly than the teen and women's versions, usually featuring skirts of layered tulle. These Tinkerbell dresses are not only perfect for Halloween but a must have for your next trip to Disney World. You're little girl will be one of many young ladies adorned in Disney character costumes.

Teens are all about attitude and this fairy's sassy personality suits them to a T. Tinkerbell has been described as being ill-tempered one minute and jovial the next. If you have a teen then this should sound familiar. Teen ensembles are flirty and more revealing without being too mature. Since teenagers love fashion and accessorizing they may want to enhance their outfit with jewelry, a wig or shoes. Whether they choose ballet flats or platform heels, it's all just a fun way to add to the sassiness of the costume.

Women have the most variety in with this character and they are the most true to Disney's cartoon depiction which, when you think about it, is quite revealing! Adult Tinkerbell costumes come in a variety of fabrics from iridescent to sequin. They also range from strapless to long-sleeved. The one thing they have in common is the tell-tale bright fairy green.

Find all kinds of Tinkerbell costumes for both girls and women and get same day shipping for all order placed by 4PM EST.