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Vampire Costumes

Vampires are the undead, bat-like men and women who stalk us in the night hunting for our blood and our immortal souls. They are synonymous with Halloween. When we think of full moons, Halloweens and creatures of the night, the Vampire is the first creature that comes to mind. Imagine the vampire rising from his coffin under the light of a full moon. Bats fly overhead and in the distance we can hear the wolves howl. An ominous feeling of terror fills the air. The vampire throws back his cape and vanishes into the night to hunt to human blood. He has been doing this for hundreds of years and will continue for all eternity. Is this getting you in the mood for a vampire Halloween costume?

Vampire costumes are as ageless and timeless as vampires themselves. Vampire costumes are made for men, women and children. There is even an infant vampire costume. Vampire costumes, although common, come in so many versions that its easy to be original. The common denominator in all vampire costumes is the black cape. The black vampire cape comes with the costume but you can also purchase one separately to create your own vampire costume.

The most crucial part of the vampire costume is the vampire make-up. Most modern day vampires such as those from Twilight and Vampire Diaries do not wear the traditional vampire costume but rather, they live among us. They dress in ordinary clothes. They only thing that makes them stand out is their deathly pallor. Our vampire make-up kits will help you achieve the perfect vampire look. Find everything you need to be a vampire for Halloween at Costume SuperCenter.

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