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Viking Costumes

Viking Costumes

Whether walking into a themed party, or scouring the neighborhood trick-or-treating with the kids in your Viking Costumes you'll look like you stepped straight out of Norse mythology with a Viking warrior costume. These ensembles display both power and style and help you earn the respect of your friends and neighbors among all the cartoons, comic book characters and vampires of Halloween even without applying a lot of makeup.

Men's Viking warrior costumes feature tunics, chainmail sleeves, gauntlets, helmets, boot covers, belt and cape. You'll look both rugged and stylish. Your outfit will show villagers that you're a warrior ready to forge into battle and protect your own.

Young warriors will evoke fear and respect demanding candy and wearing the Boy's Deluxe Viking Warrior Costume sports a black tunic with silver Celtic trim accents, gray faux fur gauntlets, chain sleeves, and a Celtic belt buckle. No kid ever looked so cool waging a Halloween battle.

Women who wear the Warrior Princess Costume will impress neighbors and her mate as a poised and powerful Viking Warrior Queen. Her full-length gown, headpiece, necklace, cape and fingerless gloves will show who's in charge. This outfit will surely be envied when this medieval Queen walks in.

Younger girls will be proud on Halloween wearing the Girl's Deluxe Viking Princess Costume. This ensemble isn't for any ordinary princess. The long gown and stylish headpiece will show her friends how to look like a true medieval Princess.

With highly detailed Warriors for men and boys, and Princess costumes for women and girls the whole family can look great on Halloween. Adult Viking Halloween costumes are available in regular and plus sizes for men and women, so couples can wear these legendary, historic numbers together and turn heads for years to come.

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