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Witch Costumes

Witches and Halloween go hand in hand. Witch decorations hanging from trees and porches during the Halloween season is a common site. Children love to dress as witches and adults love costumes for their hideous fright factor. You can always count on a witch to "stir things up". Some people may think that the costume has been overdone. Not true. There are so many types of costumes that it's easy to come up with a unique outfit. After all, not every witch has a black dress and green skin (but we still love them all the same).

Witch costumes come in many different forms and colors. Of course, there is the black witch with the green skin, warts and hook nose. This is the one we know from the movies when we were kids; the one that still gives us the willies. But there are also Sexy outfits with purple dresses and glitter. They are glamorous and pretty. These are for witches that mix love potions and cast happy spells.

Other costumes are made for fun like the Candy Corn Witch. This ensemble mixes the two best things about Halloween: candy and witches. It features bold stripes of black, orange, yellow and white. This version comes in sizes to fit kids through adults. It has a short skirt and it's a fun twist on the look. Costume SuperCenter also has all the accessories that you need for your get-up. You will find brooms, wands, witch shoes and even a cauldron handbag.

Purchase your costumes with confidence on our 100% secure site and have a bewitching Halloween.

Green Witch Makeup Tutorial

Do you want to be Elphaba from Wicked or the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz? Well it is easy. What this video to learn how, then get the witch makeup you need to recreate the look.