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Womens Costumes

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Womens 50s Costumes

The Fifties was a decade of good times, drive-ins, and soc-hops. Now, with women's 50's costumes, you can help to give tribute to the rock n' roll decade. The 50's Housewife Adult costume is truly a celebration of the interesting era. This outfit features an old-fashioned polka-dot white and red pattern reminiscent of typical suburban life. Accessories such as white shoes, a black belt, and glasses add to its authenticity.

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Another popular style of 1950's culture was the greaser ensemble. Outfits such as the Women's Grease Sexy Sandy costume give hommage to the leather threads that were commonly sported by drag racers and their girlfriends. This ensemble celebrates the eccentric character Sandy of the popular Broadway play "Grease" . The Women's Grease Pink Ladies Jacket adds a unique contrast to the leather ensemble and does a good job in staying true to the integrity of the wholesome decade.

Who could forget about the pretty waitresses that were found at every corner drive-in? The Car Hop Girl Adult costume celebrates the innocence of long poodle dresses and saddle shoes. This costume will surely brighten any Halloween party with all of its fun accessories.

With women's 50's costumes, women can have fun while celebrating a time of innocence and plain old-fashioned fun. Give tribute to a long ago era with these unique and fun looks.