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Womens 70s Costumes

Bring back the funky psychedelic groove of the 70's any time of the year with an awesome costume. Why wait for Halloween to have all the fun? Hop on the soul train today, and dress for 70's success!

Women's 70s costumes are all about bright colors, big bell bottoms and having fun. The era of flower power and peace also brought love beads, platform shoes and long hair. And let's not forget the catsuit and go-go dancers! To bring the funk to any outfit, there's no going wrong with a groovy Afro hairstyle or long, straight Godiva hair. Sparkly dresses, outrageous patterns and short skirts were all the rage back then, and are making a comeback now! Top of the outfit with some loud beads and rings, and you've got the sure recipe for a 70's costume unlike any other.

Halloween costumes are good for theme parties at home or work, and really help you step out of the normal and into the retro. Go-go dancers wore short dresses and tall boots, which translates into a sexy combination for your women's 70s costume today. Want to go the Brady way? Short skirts and a deep V-neck really class up an otherwise drab fashion statement. Classic bell bottoms never go out of style, and can be worn in several different styles to suit any taste.