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Womens 80's Costumes

Appreciation for the 80's is not saved for those having grown up in that decade. Fashionistas of all ages pay homage to the great 1980's in stylish women's 80s costumes.

Neon colors, fishnet stockings, legwarmers and towering hairstyles define the traditional 80's look. Layering of ripped tee shirts and leggings under short skirts are also reminiscent of the decade.

Countless women's 80s costumes are available for anyone seeking to dress up paying tribute to a beloved decade. Many women opt for the hair band groupie look while others sport the punk look.

Celebrity inspired 80's fashion include bold Material Girl wigs, Flashdance dance wear and the, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Cindy Lauper look. Regardless of the type of costume selected, less is more was not the 80's mantra. That should be taken into consideration when accessorizing.

An arm full of bracelets, layered necklaces and multiple hair accessories are not too over-the-top when sporting a women's 80s costume. The look is successfully complete with excessive accessorizing.

Hairstyles were loud, teased and crimped in the 80's. They were also colorful. A wig with deep blue or striking purple streaks is the icing on the cake for a premier 80's look. When seeking Halloween costumes or fashions for a decade party, donning an 80's ensemble is a crowd pleasing look.