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Womens Costumes

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Womens Cats Costumes

If you're looking for a woman's Halloween costume that brings out the animal in you, a very classic, eye catching example is that of the Halloween cat. Choose from our variety of women's cat costumes to make a memorable entrance at any Halloween party or even just to greet trick-or-treaters.

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Our outfits range from cute icons such as the "Cat in the Hat" to a variety of sexy ensembles that are bound to make any man purr. Dress up in tight black leather for a black Halloween cat or a spotted leotard to portray a jungle leopard. If you're going for a more modest, mysterious look, cover yourself from head to foot dressed as a lion mascot. Your choice of a women's cat costume depends on whether you want to be portrayed as a "good kitty" or a "bad kitty."

A women's costume is a great for any woman because it draws attention to a feminine, feline grace. These ensembles are designed to be slimming and flattering to the female form, just as a cat's fur makes it look sleek and slender. With a twitch of your tail, you'll have men eating from the palm of your hand. They're the purrfect fit for any Halloween party.