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Womens Egyptian & Arabian Costumes

A good standby for women's Halloween costumes is a historical themed costume depicting a woman from ancient Egypt or Arabia. Dress as the Egyptian queen Cleopatra or as a harem girl straight out of the Arabian Nights for an exotic and elegant addition to any Halloween soiree.

One type of women's Egyptian costume is a classic white robe with gold adornments, but there are also black robes to depict a dark Egyptian princess or goddess. These costumes can be dressed up with an Egyptian style straight black wig for authenticity and dark make-up around the eyes. To depict a more dangerous, frightening beauty, dress as an Egyptian mummy in a tattered white robe but with smoldering come hither eyes.

If ancient Egypt doesn't suit you, Arabian adornments are also a popular women's Halloween costume. Dress as a harem girl in a sexy belly dancer outfit. The jingling coins adorning the women's Arabian costume will add to its authentic feeling and will draw attention to you as you walk or as you dance. Or, you can dress as an Arabian princess straight out of the story of Aladdin.

Choosing a women's Egyptian costume or a women's Arabian costume will make you stand out as a striking beauty like a foreign dignitary straight out of a romantic fantasy.