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Womens Costumes

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Womens Genies Costumes

While there are many women's Halloween costumes out there, it can be difficult to pick the best option. Full of beauty, allure, and intrigue, a women's genie costume is the perfect choice! Offering the delicacy and grace of these mystical beings, a genie outfit is sure to garner plenty of attention at any Halloween get together. Whether looking for a well recognized character or striving to wear something original, there are a number of women's genie costumes to choose from.

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Women looking for a recognizable character will enjoy the I Dream of Jeannie and Princess Jasmine Costumes that are available for sale. Offering a bit of nostalgia, along with an attractive design, these styles make an elegant, yet provocative, choice. Those seeking a more mysterious figure will prefer the classic designs of the Women's Sexy Arabian Beauty and Elite Harems Jewel items. These products offer a sexy, yet tasteful, style that is sure to turn heads. Featuring brilliant colors, silky materials, billowing fabrics, and a touch of sparkle, these well-constructed Halloween costumes will be a standout among a sea of unoriginal styles. The perfect choice for women that want to wear a sexy style without baring it all, women's genie costumes will receive plenty of compliments from both men and women!