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Womens Greek & Roman Costumes

The Greeks and Romans knew how to throw a party, and around Halloween, there's no better way to honor the decadence of a Halloween costume party than for a lady to dress in classical Greek or Roman goddess garb. These goddess costumes allow a woman to wear a toga or a flowing elegant gown that shows off the figure in a flattering and graceful way.

If you desire a women's Greek goddess costume, you might want to consider the classic Greek empress costume or that of a wine goddess. For a more interesting twist on the Greek theme there is also the idea of dressing as Medusa, a snake haired monster whose gaze could turn a man to stone, or one of the Sirens whose voices lured men off course on the seas.

An interesting idea for a women's Roman costume design is that of a female Roman gladiator. Since this is a traditionally male costume, it gives a unique twist on the idea. Also, elegant Roman goddess robes are also a sexy and eye catching edition to any party.

A women's Greek goddess costume or a women's Roman costume is a good way to add a classical elegance to a Halloween party. After all, what better theme for a Halloween party could there be than a toga party?