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Womens Costumes

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Womens Mermaid Costumes

From classic movies like Little Mermaid to more grown-up fare like Splash, the mermaid has become a fixture in pop-culture as well as legend and lore. This is what makes the women's mermaid costume such a great choice among Halloween costumes. The mermaid theme can be played as childish and innocent, or adult and somewhat naughty. Costumes can be altered as you wish, but make-up and effects, as well as how the costume is worn, go a long way toward capturing the mood you are going for.

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Women's mermaid costumes also stand out for their originality. Many women go to costume parties in your run-of-the-mill Halloween coustme but few choose the mermaid from the many commercially available Halloween costumes. Of course, these outfits are great for any time you need a costume, not just Halloween. Costume balls and parties, private affairs, or even just a night out with friends are all reasons for owning great costumes and accessories.

Halloween is the traditional time of the year for costumes and make-up, but there are costumed events and other reasons for owning your own outrageous outfits and accessories. A mermaid costume is a great choice for its originality and versatility, both at parties and on Halloween.

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