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Womens Nurse Costumes

If you have a big heart and you want to show off your curves, a women's nurse costume couldn't be a better pick for your next Halloween costume. These Halloween costumes put a sultry spin on the traditional nurse look, so you can dress up as a loving caregiver and still look attractive. The traditional women's nurse costume features a tightly cut dress with lots of accessories. In addition to a thermometer and bandages, be sure to pick up your very own stethoscope so you can check to see how fast your "patient's" heart is racing.

No women's nurse costume would be complete without some flair. Forget about unattractive nursing shoes and slouchy stockings--a women's nursing costume looks its best when accented by high heels and thigh-high stockings. These Halloween costumes are highly customizable, so you can take the basic look and tailor it to your own specific style.

The best thing about a nurse costume is its reuse value. Even though this outfit makes a great Halloween costume, it will also come in handy any time you have a patient who needs some tender loving care. You'll find that many occasions call for an adult nurse costume, so you can reuse this costume over and over.