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Womens Costumes

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Womens Superhero Costumes

Nothing makes you feel like the coolest woman alive quite like a superhero costume, so dress like you already feel on the inside! Halloween costumes are great any time, meaning you don't have to wait for one day each year to dress up and save the world.

Looking for more? Check out our costume selection for: Girls, Teens, Mens, Boys, Baby, Sexy and Plus Size or visit our SuperHeroes theme page to shop for the whole family.

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Throughout the history of superheroes, women have dominated as strong, graceful and agile and women's costumes are designed to bring out those spectacular qualities. Whether it be Catwoman, with her sleek black suit or Elektra, the not-so silent partner to Daredevil, there is a look that is sure to wow the crowd and make you feel your sexiest.

Wonder Woman is the epitome of classic heroism, and her outfit is sexy, classy and defiant. But dressing up in one of these caped outfits doesn't mean the men get to have all the fun! Batman, Spiderman, Superman and all the supporting characters come to life through skin-tight latex, fun capes and tall boots. Add a mask and a great wig, and you've just created a true-to-life uniform that will impress even the worst of evildoers.

Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and even the Green Lantern costumes aren't safe from the sexy female and can be modified to look outrageously good while fighting super villains, day or night.