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Wonder Woman Costumes

Wonder Woman Costumes

She is a member of the justice league, a symbol of truth and honor. She is beautiful, exciting, and powerful. Perhaps every small girl has at one time imagined herself in a Wonder Woman costume. Perhaps many a teenage lady has ponder what she could look like in a well-fitted outfit. They come in a multitude of sizes and styles ranging from cute toddler ensembles to raven-haired, full-figure dream girl Wonder Woman look that can ignite any party night.

Ah, but who is this heroic character that so infatuates men and that fills ladies of all ages with a desire to dress in red, white and blue? She is, of course, a caped crusader, a defender of justice, and a powerful symbol of unrestrained women. But she is more. For the toddlers and children, Wonder Woman is a cartoon character that fights along side of Flash and Superman. To them, Wonder Woman implies friendship and rescue. Put together the perfect birthday party for your kid. Deck her out in one of our costumes for toddlers or children.

For teenagers, the collar, attached cape, gauntlets, and boot tops that accompany her look may represent a unique sense of style and control. Our Wonder Woman Halloween costumes can provide your teen with the chance to feel the energy associated with this time honored character.

Perhaps some of you baby-boomer ladies perceive this hero and actress Lynda Carter as one and the same. After all, this Miss World USA beauty and star of the 1970 Wonder Woman television series may inspire you to pair up with your husband in a couples matched version of DC Comics Halloween costumes. It could be a wonderful memory trip. Dress out in one of our costumes and lasso someone that means the world to you.

Ok. So maybe you are just an adult party girl. Jump into one of our officially licensed Wonder Woman costumes and turn up the heat at the next singles meet. Being good doesn't mean that can't have fun in white nylon fishnet pantyhose, red Wonder Woman costume boots, and a beautiful black dream-girl wig.