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X-Men Halloween Costumes

X-Men Costumes

There's no better time than Halloween to dress up and celebrate your own personal diversity, and nothing does this better than X-Men costumes. X-Men Halloween costumes are available for men, women and boys and feature perhaps the most misunderstood superhero of them all, Wolverine. By dressing as Wolverine, you'll exemplify this character's fierceness, especially as he faces his greatest challenge yet; traveling into the past to change history and prevent the certain doom of mutants and humans alike. Costumes from the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past will be perfect for showing off your mutant superhero skills. Mystique, Beast, Storm and Magnito are also fantastic options that can bring this new XMen movie to life.

Wolverine costumes feature the familiar blue and yellow color scheme you know and love from both the comic books and the various television series. Boys will love wearing their X-Men Origins Muscle costume which include a muscle jumpsuit, mask, belt, and signature claws. These officially licensed X-Men costumes will show off your "six-pack" abs without requiring a single sit up. Don't forget about the other members of the team like Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey, Gambit, Beast, and Cyclops. Most important don't forget to mention Professor Xavier, who give the "X" to X-Men.

Kids and adults alike will have fun at their XMen themed parties all year round. With several movies to watch, there is no shortage of fun to be had. These costumes are great for encouraging imaginative play. XMen Halloween costumes are also comfortable, and can be worn over other warmer clothes when outside trick-or-treating.

From the comics to the movies, you can find many styles of X-Men Halloween costumes for all ages and sizes. Create your mutant alter-ego in one of these many styles.

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