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Zombie Costumes

American culture has recently become obsessed with zombies. You can't go to the movie theater without seeing the latest undead horror flick. They've even taken over our literature -- Pride and Prejudice and Zombies anyone? It's no surprise that many people have become interested in dressing as one of these walking dead creatures for Halloween this year. Costume SuperCenter has every kind of zombie Halloween costume you can imagine. Whether you're looking for men, women, kids, teens or group costumes, we can accommodate your needs.

Looking for a really scary undead outfit? You're in the right place! We has an authentic-looking, adult punk zombie costume that is sure to scare the pants off of everyone you see. The leather jacket over the exposed, decaying skin and protruding ribcage is so realistic, you'll make everyone give you a disturbed double-take. The spiked Mohawk and matching spiked choker and wristbands will give you an extra tough look that will have people thinking "I don't want to mess with that guy!"

We have some high-quality walking dead options for the ladies too. Feel free to choose from the teen or women's zombie bride costume for a seductive and dark way to get your undead groom's attention. Each outfit has a flattering cut with dark tones and sheer fabrics to give you that perfect, living dead look.

The kids costumes come in fun, smaller versions of the adult options for your brave little one. If your child is looking for the scariest zombie getup on the block, we have your solution. Try the skeleton zombie; with partially exposed leg bones, a fully exposed rib cage and rotting skin and mold all over, your kid is sure to have the freakier costume than all the other kids.

With the mass amount of zombie costumes you're sure to see this Halloween, you can prepare by dressing as a zombie hunter instead. Complete with a bullet sash, shotgun, axe and bloody trench coat, you'll be the one thing scarier than the walking dead this year.

You can't go wrong with an authentic, attention-grabbing and fear-inducing zombie costume for Halloween this year. Get them early before they disappear!

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