10 Cult Followings That Should Stay Away From Comic-Con


For those in the know, Comic-Con is always refereed to as “The Con.” When asking someone who is attending the event how they are enjoying it, one would ask, “how is your Con going?” Using the proper lingo will separate the experience attendees from the newbies.

Another hot button issue with die-hard convention fans is the presence of groups that are neither comic book related or sci-fi. At the top of the list is Glee. What place do they have among Iron-Man and Darth Vader? Another odd group is the “bronies” – fans of My Little Pony. Grown men dressed in My Little Pony costumes is something I just don’t get.

So many movies, shows and books have a cult following but that doesn’t necessarily put them in the comic book genre. Call me a Comic-Con purist. With this in mind, I made a list of genres that should not be allowed at Comic-Con:

1. Glee

2. My Little Pony

3. Smurfs

4. Gnomes

5.  Twilight

6. Lord of the Rings

7. Breaking Bad

8. True Blood

9. Beetlejuice

10. Ghostbusters

If you love one of these cult followings that go for it – wear your costume with pride at the next “con.” Just be prepared for sneers and looks from the classic comic book superheroes.