10 Tips to Get Your Hubby into the Holiday Spirit

By November 25, 2009 In the News No Comments

scroogeIs your husband a big old Scrooge when it comes to the Holidays? If you’re wondering how to bring out the jolly old Santa in him just try these 10 tips for getting your hubby into the holiday spirit.

  1. If you go Christmas shopping together, spring for the valet parking at the mall. Nothing makes a man more Scrooge-like than fighting for a parking spot. Valet park and waltz into the mall warm, dry and free from aggravation.
  2. Even better than #1, above, excuse him from Christmas shopping all together. Give him the website addresses of your favorite stores to make his shopping experience as painless as possible.
  3. Make his favorite drinks and snacks while he watches football. There’s nothing like booze, junk food and sports to make your man feel festive, especially if his team is winning.
  4. Wear some sexy Christmas Lingerie. If this doesn’t put some Christmas spirit in him, check his pulse.
  5. Rent A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. These two movies really appeal to the guys in our lives. Nostalgia and humor are two sure fire ways to fill him with holiday spirit.
  6. Have a romantic evening in front of the fire, adults only. Get your parents or in-laws to watch the kids and enjoy the warmth of the glowing fire and each other’s company on a cold wintry night. To enhance this tip, also, see #4.
  7. For his Christmas present send him away with his friends. I’m sure he’s just dying to go to his favorite college’s bowl game or some hunting trip or other crazy guy thing with his friends but is afraid to ask. Think of how happy he’ll be doing guy stuff with your blessing. Plus think how nice it would be a have the girls over for a spa evening while he’s away.
  8. Decorate the house for him or at least, untangle the lights for him.
  9. Buy toys for the kids that are already assembled. Save him from the late nights in the basement or garage trying to put things together with cryptic instructions and missing parts.
  10. When all else fails, a little extra loving will do the trick, if you know what I mean.

Following these tips will help your man be a bit less grumpy and get a bit more into the Christmas spirit this year. Who knows, you may even find him on Christmas day in a Santa suit, standing under the mistletoe with a very expensive and special gift just for you. Well…its fun to believe in Christmas miracles.