The Summer List

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It’s already the second week in August. Summer is almost over. Where does it go? Every year I find myself asking the same question at about the same time. At the start of every summer I always make a list. It’s my to-do list of goals that I’d like to accomplish before the summer is over.  Like every year before, I never get to fulfill everything on my list. It’s not even like these things are monumental, they’re just regular things that I should be doing anyway, yet I find them nearly impossible to do. My list each year I looks something like this:

  • Spend lots of time outdoors
  • Cook all my meals on the grill so my kitchen stays clean
  • Lose the winter weight gain and wear lots of pretty summer dresses
  • Keep the garden and flower beds weed free
  • Never let the laundry pile up for the weekend
  • Go to the beach every sunny Sunday
  • Grow my own organic vegetables
  • Have get-togethers with friends on a regular basis

Between work and this summer’s iffy weather, I have definitely not spent as much time outside as I had hoped. Weight loss – nope – gained 4 pounds from grilling all sorts of outdoor BBQ and guess what…my kitchen is still a mess. The flowers beds have weeds, the Topsy Turvey only produced 16 tomatoes, I’m stuck doing piles of laundry every Sunday and that cocktail/pool party just can’t seem to get itself together.  So I’m not Martha Stewart (but I wish I was).

I believe I have a solution to this problem. My list is BORING! Maybe what I need to do next year is come up with an extraordinary list of things to do. This way I won’t feel so bad if things don’t get done. And if I do manage to complete even one item on the list it would be something worth remembering. Something extraordinary.

Here is my list for next year:

  • Learn to surf
  • Sing at a Karaoke bar
  • Go Parasailing
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Go Jet Skiing
  • Eat out every night at fine restaurants instead of cooking

Sounds like a vacation. TAKE A VACATION!!! That’s it! I can accomplish everything on next year’s list if I take a vacation! Everything on my list accomplished in one glorious week, why didn’t I think of this before. I’ll pack up my Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts and not worry about that winter weight.  I’ll do all sorts or crazy things and not worry about a single item on that old, boring list.  I may have missed the boat this year but the weeks will just fly by until next summer. I have all year to deal with the first list. From now on, I’ll let the summers be extraordinary!

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