5 Facts About The Batman: Infographic

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Batman Facts

Sure, you may know of Bruce Wayne and his super alter ego, The Batman – But do you know from where his creator Bob Kane got his inspiration for the character?

With this new infographic from your friends at Costume SuperCenter, you’ll learn five things you may not have known about the head of the Justice League, including just how much the billionaire playboy is worth, and what exactly he shares with another masked hero, Zorro.

5 Batman Facts Infographic

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  • The character of Bruce Wayne, created by Bob Kane and Bill finger, gets his name from two figures in history – Scottish national hero King Robert the Bruce, who led Scotland against the English in the first war of Scottish Independence, and Major General “Mad” Anthony Wayne, a hero of the American Revolution.
  • A total of 33 people have portrayed Batman, either in film or voice acting, but Kevin Conroy takes the title for most portrayals of the Dark Knight. He’s played the Bat in 8 TV series, 13 animated movies and 10 video games. (Fun fact: Ben Affleck is the only actor to portray both Batman [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice] and Superman [Hollywoodland]).
  • Forbes calculated the net worth of Bruce Wayne at a whopping $11.6 Billion. Wayne Enterprises, however, was estimated to have a net income of around $1.45 Billion, and a net worth of $23.22 Billion.
  • The University of Victoria in Canada offers a course called “The Science of Batman” where students learn “The Extreme Range of Adaptability” from the life and experience of Bruce Wayne.
  • Bob Kane based the character of Batman on three preexisting characters: Zorro, The Shadow and Dracula.

If you knew these facts like a true Gothamite, but still need your Bat Thirst to be quenched, check out the vast Batman costume selection offered by Costume SuperCenter!

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