Five Facts about the Mad Hatter [Infographic]


Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter is one of the most beloved characters in Wonderland. Sure, he’s not necessarily all there, but really, who’s not a little crazy these days? The Hatter, as he’s known, is famous for helping Alice along in her adventures in Wonderland and notorious for getting into a little bit of trouble here and there. But people continue to love him because he’s kind and means well.

To celebrate the Mad Hatter and all his hijinks (especially the ones you’ll see in Through the Looking Glass), Costume SuperCenter collected some of the perhaps less-known facts about Wonderland’s less-than-there Hatter. Before you dress up in a Mad Hatter costume at your next costume party, make sure you know your Hatter facts!


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  • John Tenniel, the illustrator of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” drew the Mad Hatter with a hat that had 10/6 written on it. It’s now known as the date to celebrate Mad Hatter Day (October 6th), but it originally stood for the cost of a hat: 10 shillings and 6 pence.
  • Although widely known as the “Mad Hatter,” the character is never once referred to by that name in either of Lewis Carroll’s stories of Wonderland. He’s simply called, “the Hatter.”
  • The Batman comic book series has a character called the Mad Hatter that’s based on the Carroll character. He’s a supervillain who shares the same look and personality with the Wonderland character, but instead uses mind-control to manipulate his enemies.
  • There’s an English phrase, “Mad as a hatter” that was around long before the Hatter himself. It referenced the “Hatter’s Shakes” some hatters suffered, caused by the mercury used in the production of felt hats. It is perhaps one of the reasons the Mad Hatter eventually got his name.
  • It’s believed that the character was based on a man called Theophilus Carter, an especially eccentric furniture salesman that Lewis Carroll met at Oxford.

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