5 Stats From Ghostbusters: Infographic


Who ya gonna call? Once again, back in theaters to bring slime and joy to our lives are the Ghostbusters, revived and revamped. The beloved losers are back again to save New York (and possibly the world) once more from the otherworldly. To celebrate the team’s return to the big screen, Costume SuperCenter compiled this infographic of some of the craziest numbers and statistics from the original movie!

Do you know how many calls the Ghostbusters hotline has actually gotten, or how much the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume actually cost? (note: Costume SuperCenter’s is much more affordable). Brush up on your trivia knowledge before you see the new team take on the ghostly gang of ghouls that’re invading NYC this time!


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  • 50 pounds: The weight of the “Marshmellow Goo” (shaving cream) that explodes onto William Atherton.
  • 3 weeks: The “Ghostbusters” theme song, by Ray Parker Jr., spent this long atop the Billboard charts.
  • $20,000: The cost of of each Stay Puft Marshmallow Man suit used in the film. Three were made and all were destroyed in the process.
  • 1,000: The number of calls made to the 1-800 number per hour for 6 straight weeks after the Ghostbusters trailer featured a functioning number.
  • $25 million: The budget of the film, which had to be completed within 12 months!

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