5 Unconventional Reasons to Wear Your Santa Suit

By November 27, 2009 In the News No Comments

23360A good Santa Suit can be expensive but it is a worthwhile investment. It can be cleaned, stored and reused year after year. So for many Christmases to come you can spread joy and hope to children by letting them sit on your lap while you shout a jolly, “Ho ho ho,” and hand out presents.  But did you know there are other reasons to wear your Santa Suit?  After the gifts are handed out don’t be so fast to pack away that Santa Suit.  Here are 5 more reasons to wear your Santa Suit this holiday season.

Super warm pajamas – If they’re good enough to keep Santa warm on his speedy delivery around the world then they are good enough to keep you extra warm on a cold winter night.

Santa Pub Crawl – Almost every major city has an annual Santa Bar/Pub Crawl, just Google Santa Bar Crawl. The great thing about pub crawls are that you can dress up like Santa, drink and be merry and a portion of the money you spend living it up will go to charity.

Santa Run – Get your money’s worth out of your Santa Suit as you run to raise money for charity and keep fit. Look for a Santa Run near you.

SantaCon – Wikipedia describes SantaCon as “a mass gathering of people dressed in their various interpretations of Santa Claus costumes and performing publicly on streets and in bars in cities around the world. The focus is on spontaneity, creativity, and the improvisational nature of human interaction while having a good time and spreading cheer and goodwill to all they come across.” SantaCon is very much like a pub crawl but it’s for fun, not charity.

Naughty Santa – You and your Mrs. Claus costumes can stir up some Christmas spirit all winter long. Let Mrs. Claus sit on your lap and tell you what she wants.  Remember, Santa is all about giving, especially if Mrs. Claus does something nice.

So you see, a Santa Suit is a very wise investment. It will make the children happy, it will be good for charity, it will make you happy and it will make Mrs. Claus happy. It truly is a magical suit.