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Best Printable Coloring Pages From Our Blog

There’s something about coloring that’s just so fun and relaxing. Most of us have been doing it since we were little kids. Within the last five years, coloring pages have seen quite the increase in popularity. The fun and intricate pictures and patterns have allowed adults and children alike to sit down and relax.

We love taking a break almost as much as we love pop culture and the characters that come with that. That’s why we sat down and designed some coloring pages that brought the two together.

Find your favorite characters on the lists below, print out your coloring pages and get creative!

1. Dr. Suess Coloring Pages

Dr. Seuss Inspired Coloring Pages

From The Cat in the Hat to The Lorax, Dr. Seuss has created so many memorable characters and meaningful messages. There’s no wonder there’s a whole day dedicated to him! That’s why we put together Dr. Seuss coloring pages that capture the colorful characters from his most popular stories.

2. LEGO Coloring Pages

Lego Inspired Printable Coloring Pages

LEGOs have allowed kids, and adults, to build a world of their own with blocks. From buildings to vehicles, there’s no limit to what you create with LEGOs. Now, you can color some scenes thanks to these LEGO coloring pages. The best part about these pages is that you’re not at risk to step on any blocks!

3. Horror Movie Coloring Pages

Horror Movie Coloring Pages

Halloween is right around the corner and that means it’s time to binge watch your favorite horror movies. What better way to watch than with a set of these horror movie coloring pages by your side to distract you when things get too scary?

4. Marvel Villains Coloring Pages

Marvel Villain Coloring Pages

Marvel is known for its superheroes but you can’t forget about the villains. Without the villains, the superheroes would have nothing to save us from. Conjure up your own Marvel villains with the help of these Marvel Villain coloring pages.

5. Batman Villains Coloring Pages

DC Villain Coloring Pages

Batman has his hands full with all the villains the writers at DC Comics throw at him. Help him unwind with some coloring. These free printable DC Villain coloring pages are the perfect way to save the day when you’re feeling stressed.

6. Disney Pixar Coloring Pages

Disney Pixar Coloring Pages

While each Disney Pixar movie has a hero or two, they’d be nothing without a villain standing in their way. We took some of the most troublesome of the bunch and turned them into Disney Pixar coloring pages. Print out your favorites and get to coloring!

7. Star Wars Coloring Pages

Star Wars Coloring Pages

They might be off in a galaxy far, far away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy immersing ourselves in the Star Wars saga. No saga is complete without a string of villains to test our heroes. That’s what you get with these Star Wars coloring pages.

8. Classic Monster Coloring Pages

Classic Monsters Coloring Pages

Mummies, werewolves and vampires. Oh my! Get your kids into the Halloween spirit with coloring pages featuring all of the classic monsters. They’ll be able to create some decorations. These classic monster coloring pages are also a great way to keep kids entertained at your Halloween party.

9. Chinese New Year Coloring Pages

Chinese New Year 2018 Free Printable Coloring Pages

2018 was the Year of the Dog and so, we decided to create coloring pages to celebrate. Gather your kids around the table to learn about Chinese New Year in a fun and creative way. Our Chinese New Year coloring pages are a great activity to keep kids entertained at your celebration.

With Halloween right around the corner, we know you need to relax before jumping into the festivities head first. That’s why we hope this collection of coloring pages will help. If you print out and color in any of these free pages, let us know! We’d love to see your finished pictures shared with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram! Connect with us on Pinterest too!

Best Printable Coloring Pages From Our Blog

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