A New Breed of Superhero Costumes Will be Kick Ass


That’s right! There is a new breed of superheroes. And as the tagline says, They can’t read your mind but they can kick you ass!” The Kick Ass costumes kick ass too. They are something new and way trendier than your typical Superman costume.

Kick Ass, introduces us to a new breed of superheroes. They don’t have actual super powers but defend those in need, nevertheless. Hardly a parody of the superhero genre, Kick Ass is a bona fide super hero movie. Although it has its funny moments, it is a serious and violet action-adventure film.

Dave, the main character is an unpopular high school kid and a comic book fanatic. He wonders why there are no everyday superheroes so he decides to give it a shot. He becomes the superhero Kick Ass; his costume, a green wetsuit.

His first attempt at a superhero rescue landed him in the hospital with multiples steel rods to hold together his broken bones and permanent nerve damage. Ironically, this has made him stronger and more impervious to pain. Thanks to some witnesses with i-phones he becomes a viral superhero phenomenon.

Kick Ass soon finds himself caught up in a mob related incident brought on by father-daughter vigilantes – the highly trained and skilled Big Daddy and Hit Girl – and has no choice but to see it through.

The costumes for Kick Ass are in production and will be available for Halloween 2010. Costume SuperCenter will have Kick Ass costumes, Hit Girl costumes, Big Daddy costumes and Red Mist Costumes. Stayed tuned to our blog for more details coming soon.