A Time for Angels

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Photo Credit: Angels of The Light

Little children are probably the closest thing to angels here on earth. When I think about occasions for which I would dress as an angel or dress a child as one, a special cause comes to mind. The search for a cure for childhood leukemia is very close to my heart.   I would consider it an honor to dress many little angels to inspire donations to save lives. My fundraiser would be for finding a cure and alternative means of treatment for leukemia.

Now, there are many childhood illnesses that need cures found, but leukemia is one of the most ravaging and urgent. My dear mother died from leukemia seven years ago after resisting its toll to her body for two years. During that time, she endured treatments with chemotherapy and radiation. Her suffering was heart wrenching for me. That’s not what I remember most though. What stays with me is her faith in God’s healing and her strength of spirit and her will to survive, to beat this invisible enemy to her vital force.

I dedicated an angel to her memory which was a photo closest to her likeness as a young woman. Mom makes a beautiful angel!


Photo Credit: Angels of The Light

There’s more to her story that I want to share with you. First, I’ll tell you her name is Suzanne. Her story is one of miracles. Her legacy is one of hope and the sharing of miracles to others. Suzanne wanted to encourage others to believe in the power of healing, in the power of faith and healing. She strongly believed that if enough people believed and tried hard enough, they could find a cure for leukemia, the kind that steals years of life from children.


This is not to make you sad. In fact, the opposite is true. Be filled with joy because this story is a testimony that miracles happen every day and angels are real. They are the messengers for that healing power.

Suzanne saw many ill children during her two years of treatment. She made one request from me and my spouse and that was to share her profound hope and faith in these miracles. You might be wondering where the angels come into this story. I’m getting ready to tell you.

At a critical point in her illness the doctors told my mother that she would not live more than a few days because her white cell count was so high. Her body would  not endure any more treatments. We rushed across the country to be by her side. About three days before our arrival, she reached a critical point so the priest was called in to read Mom her last rites. During this prayer, Suzanne opened her eyes to see a room filled with angels and to see the astonished eyes of the priest who exclaimed the room was filled with angels.

When we arrived, we prayed over her as she asked. My husband received inspiration to lay his hands on her feet. He told her that her body would get very warm that night, but not to worry because everything would be all right. While he prayed, I prayed.

All she wanted was a miracle to live another fifteen months so she could make final arrangements for herself and my father.

The next morning, the doctor came to her room to check her charts before he signed her release papers. The hospital was sending her home to die. He was surprised by her blood test results. Mom’s cell count was almost normal. The doctor repeated the blood test because he was in disbelief. The tests came back the same as before. Suzanne was in a complete remission.

Mom made one request from us. She wanted us to spend that next fifteen months traveling the country to share the good news of miracles and faith in healing. We set up a webpage using angels which were the medium we chose to attract people to tables that were decked with the most beautiful angel figurines we could find. To set up the tables, we established a registered fundraiser in Suzanne’s honor called angels for Suzanne. It was powerful and dynamic.

The appointments we set put us in front of major department stores where a lot of people came and went. Everyone stopped to admire the angels and to read our signs. We made up literature with information about the power of miracles and healing while explaining the cause and our desire for a cure for leukemia. Many people were inspired and given hope. It was the most intense time of our lives. I did not mourn for my mother. Instead, I used her vision of angels to inspire faith in others. They are truly the most inspiring spiritual representation I have ever known.

Fifteen months later, Suzanne passed away into the eternal world. She left behind a legacy of angels that to this day helps those who need hope and healing. Angels would be a great fund raiser for any cause. I personally would like to host a fund raising costume party where everyone has to wear an angel costume.

That would be powerful, don’t you think?