Find Fun and Adventure with Pirates at Gasparilla 2014

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Ahoy ye lads and lasses, Gasparilla is here!

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I have dreamed of being a pirate who travels the high seas with a rogue crew of pirates searching the islands for hidden treasure. I am serious. Have you ever imagined yourself being intimate with a dashing Pirate Captain? You are his wench and he showers you with jewels and trinkets from his bounty. You dress in fancy clothing and you are the envy of the whole crew because you get most of the Captain’s attention, and his money.

Seems a little scandalous, doesn’t it?

It is my greatest fantasy. While I was growing up, I watched all the old pirate movies. The historic renditions fascinated me most because they held true to the customs and dress of the time period being portrayed.

The ships were awesome with their haunted look. I imagine that many a Pirate was thrown overboard for being too ambitious or for chasing after the Captain’s Wench. In this daydream, that would be me.

Do you know what I loved even more than the adventure and the treasures? The costumes they wore. I find them fascinating to this day. There are festivals where you can dress the part of your favorite fantasy. Women pirates played many roles, from royalty to wench and all castes in between. A modern Pirate Faire will give me a chance to do a little Pirate role playing.

Want to hear my secret fantasy? I imagine myself a Pirate Wench,  a tough lady who is not so much a lady. I chew tobacco and spit, cuss like a sailor, wield a mean sword and I keep all those dastardly pirates at a distance. I am the envy of the Captain because I can sail the seas without the men’s crew, scavenger hunt all by myself and fight off the wild beasts of those deserted Caribbean islands. And Mate, I’m surly and strong enough to do it all by myself.

Now I have to admit, having a little company isn’t such a bad idea. Those nights get a little lonely. I would keep two or three pirate keeps around just for my pleasure. Now ye know they wouldn’t be complaining none.

I have a notion that if given the chance, I would enjoy being a wench more than a Queen Pirate. The thought of being a Pirate Queen passed through my mind once or twice, but I still favor being the Wench. For some reason, it seems like a Wench is more powerful than a Pirate Queen. I might get the chance to find out. This year’s calendar for Pirate and Renaissance Faires is filled with lots of events.

The next Pirate Event that I found on the calendar takes place next week  in Tampa, Florida. The event starts on January 25th, with a special Gasparilla for Children on January 18th so I need to hurry on making my plans. It would be a great mid -winter vacation place. If I miss this Pirate Faire, I’ll have other chances throughout the year. Pirates aren’t seasonal, you know. They come out to play and celebrate all year long.

The main decision that I need to make is what I should wear to the next Pirate Faire. Oh, I need to polish the old sword blade, too. I’m a bit rusty in dueling.