Affordable Special Effects Masks and Costumes for Halloween

By August 1, 2011 In the News No Comments

Do you want to look like a monster from a horror film?  Now you can get affordable Hollywood quality special effects masks and costumes for Halloween. Add terrifying realism to Halloween with monster costume masks that move with your own facial expressions. California Costume Collections, Inc. has come out with a line of masks and accessories with Ani-Motion technology. These amazing items are as close as you can get to high tech Hollywood special effects, and they are surprisingly affordable.

We will carry a variety of Ani-Motion costumes and accessories. Ready for immediate deliver at Costume SuperCenter are the Ani-Motion Werewolf Mask and the Night Fiend Mask. Ani-motion props such as the Death Blade, Switch Blade and Scythe are also in stock now. Other Ani-motion costumes including the Ape and the evil Last Laugh Clown will be in stock shortly and are available for pre-order.

Check out the Werewolf Ani-Motion mask in action. Keep in mind the sound effects are not  part of the mask.

For something that looks so complicated, the technology is quite simple. Just fit it securely to your head and start moving your mouth and lips. There are no batteries required. If you find it hard to believe, just watch this instructional video.

If you want to scare someone on Halloween, go all out and do it right. You can scare someone right out of their shoes with a mask like this. Ani-motion items have fright night and haunted mansion written all over them. Imagine hosting a haunted event and having someone jumping out of the darkness wearing one of these masks. The screams will be heard one town over.

These patent-pending Ani-Motion costumes and accessories from California Costumes, Inc will bring a bit of Hollywood horror to your home town this Halloween. Check them out!