10 Must-Have Qualities for All-Star Mascots

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While it may be fun to see athletes compete in the big game, it’s really the team’s biggest cheerleader who steals the show from the players. What does it take to be a good mascot? Costume SuperCenter breaks down the important qualities all of these masked fanatics should have, no matter what animal they portray.


Quality #1: Eye-Catching

All good mascots know how to catch the eyes of fans. A hot pink gorilla costume is sure to attract attention wherever you go! Make some ooh-oohs and ahh-ahhs, and you’ll definitely be the star of the show.

Pink Gorilla Costume — Click Here

Quality #2: Loveable

How can a mascot be effective if some part of you doesn’t want to cuddle with it? A cute monkey with a smiling face is sure to please the children in the crowd while supporting your team at the same time.

Monkey Mascot Costume — Click Here


Quality #3: Tough

Being lovable is an important quality, but you’re still there to win! Make sure your cuteness doesn’t overpower your ferocity. After all, someone has to intimidate the other team’s mascot. This Bobcat costume should do the job!

Bobcat Mascot Costume — Click Here

Quality #4: Colorful

When the games get too rough and dirty, add a splash of color to keep morale high! This parrot costume features a palette of multiple hues to match team spirit while even adding some light-hearted humor.

Parrot Mascot Costume — Click Here


Quality #5: Animated

You want a mascot with personality! This bulldog’s determined facial expression immediately accomplishes your team’s goal: to emerge victorious. Upon choosing a costume, make sure it represents your team’s attitude!

Bull Dog Mascot Costume — Click Here

Quality #6: Quirky

Your mascot should always be fun. This squirrel’s smiling expression is sure to make all of your team players and supporters giggle with delight. Pair with some funny props for added fun!

Squirrel Mascot Costume — Click Here


Quality #7: Big

A mascot needs to match it’s big personality with a big size. This lobster costume can fit anyone up to six foot-three inches tall and with a chest size of up to 55-inches. The opposing team will be too afraid to go back in the ocean once they catch sight of this menacing crustacean.

Lobster Mascot Costume — Click Here

Quality #8: Fun to Accessorize

Adding a t-shirt or pom-poms to your mascot’s costume can be a great way to add some team colors. This tiger costume is versatile enough for you to combine with any accessories you desire.

Tiger Mascot Costume — Click Here


Quality #9: Plenty of Attitude

In order to be successful, a mascot needs to have plenty of attitude! The opposing team should cower in fear as they watch the team get pumped up by the mascot’s winning ways. Luckily, this chicken’s facial expression has attitude on its own.

Chicken Mascot Costume — Click Here

Quality #10: Regional

It’s important to choose the appropriate mascot based on where your team is located. This dolphin costume would be ideal for any tropical-based setting where dolphins typically reside. Say, Miami…

Happy Dolphin Mascot Costume — Click Here

The beauty of a good mascot costume is that you don’t have to wait until Halloween to wear it. With sports that are played year-round, you can support your team with more than just a jersey in one of these great looks from Costume SuperCenter!

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