Ample Figures Made History Then and Now

By April 3, 2009 In the News One Comment

Aren’t they a beautiful looking couple? Many of my renaissance and pirate friends are people of great stature and form like this handsome duo. They are fortunate because fashion has evolved to consider people above the size 10 figure. I love the way they present their beauty in plus size.


If we stayed with the thin to skinny trend of the 70’s with Twiggy as our model to admire, I’d still be in trouble. I was no Twiggy look- a -like then and I’m certainly not in competition with her now. Now I did admire Twiggy, so much that I had my hair styled and cut like hers. For style, her hair -do was hot. As for Twiggy’s clothes, I’d never know because one stitch would not have fit me even in my early years. Her mini skirt would be my ankle cover!

Consider this; an hourglass is not the true form of the human body.  Realistically, look at an hour glass. The center is drastically out of proportion to the upper and lower half with the center being too narrow. Not the way I imagine looking to be sexy!

At the same time that Twiggy made the scene as a fashion model, Mama Cass Elliot rose to fame in her plus size image that entertained countless thousands with her beautiful singing voice. I loved Mama Cass! She was my idol and she inspired me to bring out the colors and sport them on my full hips. I even started wearing shorts because of Mama Cass in spite of the fact that most guys thought I could bench press more than they could. My legs were very muscular and thick. Truth be told, they still are. Mama Cass was forever smiling and cheerful, so encouraging.

I always wonder why modern models are pictured with thin features and barely any form. It puzzles me to see women without any curves or full muscle in their legs or even without a bust. I knew that the image presented by the fashion industry of my teen years was very unrealistic. It only took the sensibility to look around and notice that people were not “Twiggy’s” or stick figures.

I searched through catalogs over the years studying the fashion trends. There was a period of time when larger body sized men and women had to settle for plain and even homely looking fashions. What perplexed me even more were the colors and the fabrics. I think the worst era was the time of navy blue polyester with nylon printed blouses for women in assorted sizes. That was the fashion industry’s answer to anyone who sported a size 16 or above. In those days, I was the 16 so this plight of plain unstylish clothing affected me.

The people in my world had form, and ample bosoms or muscular legs or big chests and thick arms. Real people with real figures. They were crying out for real fashion to fit their forms. Today’s fashion industry heeded the call.

Thanks to people like Lane Bryant for revolutionizing the plus size fashion industry. Now you don’t need to sew your own clothing to fit in. And forget the piano cover or the sheets and draperies wrapped and tucked with a belt added. With the newest in costumes and clothing, those drastic measures won’t be necessary. Even the triple plus size can find fashionable or sexy clothing that looks good on their ample form.


It’s called “Maiden Voyage”.I would look great in this Pirate Queen ensemble. I’ve got the legs and bosoms for it. So now you know I won’t fit into the thin model category. That doesn’t make me less appealing. Having zero fashion sense would qualify me for that.

How do I avoid this fashion travesty? I depend upon great costume suppliers to outfit me with the latest fashions that fit my form.

What pioneering remains in the fashion industry and what will it mean for the future of the big and tall?