April 1st is So Much More Than April Fools Day


Congratulations! By opening this blog you are now the winner of a BRAND NEW CAR!!  Not! Happy April Fools Day everybody! This rite of spring began way back in 1760. Every April 1st we look forward to playing a good trick on our friends and family but did you know that April First is so much more than a day for practical jokes? It is actually full of celebrations. Here is a list of all the wonderfully inconsequential things we can celebrate on this day:

  • National Fun Day – Like we need an excuse or a special day to have fun??
  • St. Stupid’s Day – This is celebrated in San Francisco, featuring the annual St. Stupid’s Day Parade. I bet this parade is loaded with people in ridiculous and humorous costumes
  • Boomer Bonus Day – this is a holiday for baby boomers over 50 who don’t like to celebrate birthdays anymore. If you have an AARP card, this is your day!
  • National Sourdough Bread Day – YUMS!
  • National Sorry Charlie Day – the perfect day if you happen to find yourself SOL. If you have even been rejected and lived to tell about it, Happy Sorry Charlie Day to you!
  • It is also the first day of National Pooper Scooper week so get out there and clear your yard of doggie landmines and pick up after your adorable pet because its messes are not so cute.


If you are the recipient of a practical joke today I hope you take in with the humor in which is was intended and if you play an April Fools joke I hope it’s a darn good one. But after all the fools are played, celebrate one of these other fun, offbeat holidays