Arkham Asylum: Eight Famous Residents [Infographic]

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Arkham Asylum Infographic

Arkham Asylum is the famous home of many of the Batman’s sworn enemies. It holds the craziest, most maniacal, most terribly and criminally insane who wish nothing more than to destroy Gotham as we know it. Over the years, it has held some of the most infamous people that the DC Comics universe has ever known. Name an opponent of Bruce Wayne, and you can almost be guaranteed they’ve spent a night at Arkham.

So, to get you familiar with some of the more well-known… patients… Costume SuperCenter examined the files on hand to give you a complete criminal and psychiatric breakdown on the ones you may know! But be careful. Before you start traipsing around Gotham in a Joker costume, make sure you know exactly what the GCPD will be looking to arrest you for!

Arkham Asylum Infographic

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  • The Joker
    Real name: Unknown
    Height / Weight: 6’5″, 192lbs
    Criminal Profile: The Joker is a psychopath that has been imprisoned for kidnapping, torture, extortion, racketeering, fraud, grave robbing, unlicensed dentistry, counterfeiting, bullying, cyber bullying, badger/bear/duck/monkey/iguana/rhino baiting, wildlife smuggling, failure to adequately restrain a rhino, identity theft, malicious mischief, trespassing, arson, assault, larceny, grand larceny, spectacular larceny, vandalism, forgery, impersonating a police officer/doctor/airline pilot, unlicensed cabaret entertainment, theft of livestock, unlicensed taxidermy, involuntary manslaughter, voluntary manslaughter, enthusiastic manslaughter, desecration of a corpse, improper disposition of a body, improper labelling of meat products, cannibalism, homicide, regicide, attempted omnicide, and littering.
  • Poison Ivy
    Real name: Pamela Lillian Isley
    Height / Weight: 5’6″, 110lbs
    Criminal Profile: A botanist transformed into a plant-human hybrid, becoming a powerful eco-terrorist with a toxic touch. Her crimes are primarily ecologically focused, as she’s begun to identify more with the natural world than humanity.
  • Mr. Freeze
    Real name: Victor Fries
    Height / Weight: 6’0″, 190lbs
    Criminal Profile: A brilliant cryogenicist whose wife fell deathly ill, Fries resorted to putting her in suspended animation in order to find a cure, only to end up in an accident after his funding was pulled that made him a cold-blooded mutant hell bent on avenging his wife’s murder.
  • Two-Face
    Real name: Harvey Dent
    Height / Weight: 6’0″, 182lbs
    Criminal Profile: Scarred by an acid attack, Dent is a former DA who’s obsessed with chance,. Dent flips a coin to decide the fate of his victims. His crimes are often centered around his diametric philosophy.
  • Killer Croc
    Real name: Waylon Jones
    Height / Weight: 7’5″, 686lbs
    Criminal Profile: Born with a rare mutation, he was relentlessly bullied as a child, and briefly worked as a carnival freak. As Jones aged his bestial nature only grew, detaching him more and more from humanity and deteriorating his mental state.
  • Deadshot
    Real name: Floyd Lawton
    Height / Weight: 6’1″, 202lbs
    Criminal Profile: Called the deadliest hitman on the planet, Lawton is a suicidal man with disdain for most life. He’s well known for having never missed a target, or even a shot, save for Batman. He’s armed with a large arsenal, including his twin wrist-mounted 9mm cannons.
  • Catwoman
    Real name: Selina Kyle
    Height / Weight: 5’7″, 133lbs
    Criminal Profile: An orphan who learned to survive on the streets, Kyle became a trained martial artist and cat burglar. An incredible escape artist, Kyle has evaded capture for years, and maintained a clouded sense of morality despite her life as a criminal.
  • Harley Quinn
    Real name: Harleen Quinzel
    Height / Weight: 5’7″, 140lbs
    Criminal Profile: Originally an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist, she fell in love with the Joker, helping him escape and taking on her own criminal identity. Often seen as his “sidekick” she’s perhaps just as dangerous and capable.

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