At Halloween Big Candy Rules – Fun Size Blows

By September 30, 2009 In the News No Comments

Want to know how our house became the most popular house on the block every Halloween? Big candy! Not the little fun size but the real deal; the big Kahunas.

I grew up in a rural town. There were only two houses on my block. Needless to say, we never got any trick or treaters. So 10 years ago when my parents sold that house and moved into a huge subdivision loaded with kids Halloween finally became an official holiday. In their excitement, they decided to buy full sized candy bars. Dozens of Snickers, Hershey Bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Twix Bars filled a bowl as big as the eyes of all the children who caught a glimpse of their jumbo treat.


My parents were overjoyed by the smiling facing and shouts of “that house has big candy!” and “Come-on! Hurry!” that they didn’t realize what they had gotten themselves into. The following year, neighbors commented how their kids were looking forward to coming back for some more big candy. The years that followed were filled with scenarios such as kids rushing the door like a stampede, modifying their costumes and trying to come back for seconds, and parents of trick or treaters telling my mom that they came from the other development because their kids heard at school about the house that gave out full size candy bars.  I’m not kidding – from other developments! You’d think they were the only house on the planet that had big candy and that kids all over town only had this one chance every year to eat a big candy bar. Crazy!

Last year, mom moved to a retirement community and I moved into her house with my family. Since my mother is big on tradition and deep down just loves being known as the “house with the big candy”, we promised to keep the tradition of the big bars alive. And since I work for a company that specializes in Halloween costumes and accessories, I’ve got a few additional tricks up my sleeve. Maybe some spooky music and fake fog; perhaps a yard full of graves and ghouls. Come get the big candy now if you dare!

To give you a sense of what a big deal the big bars are, last year we bought 15 boxes of 12  (180 bars) and had to shut the lights and lock the door by 8pm because we ran out of candy. And that was in just 3 hours! Because Halloween falls on a Saturday this year we are estimating about 300 bars, crazy, right? But nevertheless, I like being the house with the big candy and this year will be better than ever thanks to all the Halloween props and decorations I’m buying from Costume SuperCenter.