Aye Aye Matey

By April 21, 2009 In the News 2 Comments

One of my favorite series of movies is the Pirates of the Caribbean. I love Johnny Depp…and he loves me. LOL…ok, not a reality…but it is a GREAT fantasy! Truth be told, I love the romance of piracy, at least Hollywood’s versions. There’s always good guys and bad guys, many battles full of sword fights, gun fire, cannons going off and someone is always falling in love; and the costumes they wear, I think they are the best of all! There is something about a pirate’s costume that has a flare of romance to it. Maybe, it’s because it goes with the whole bad boy attitude and what costume I think would fit my personality if I were a pirate too.

It was a rough sea that day; the waves peaked at 25 to 30 feet high and were tipped off with massive white caps. They showed no mercy! The Black Pearl was taking a beating, and a bad one. Jack Sparrow stood as a mighty force manning the wheel, fighting with all his might to keep the battered ship straight away! “Lower the mast and be ready to come about!” I’d like to lower his mast! LOL

How would I dress to spend a night dining on the high seas with Jack? Something with a tight bodice and a big skirt; so tight I can barely breathe? Or, should it perhaps be something flirty and sexy but yet very practical? After all, Jack and I may need to join forces and fight off that barbaric Davey Jones or Barbossa could show up uninvited! I think something a little bad girlish? Maybe something like this?

Orlando Bloom…ugh, I mean Will Turner…hmmm…what a fine specimen of a beauty of a man! Yum! This one I could play “walk the plank” with for days! How could a girl go wrong with him and his sword? Paaaleeeeze!

Yet again I’m plagued with what to wear! How to impress? What would he fancy? Perhaps he would prefer more of a lady? I think not. He strikes me as one who likes a woman that can pull off the look of a lady, but yet be a bit of a feisty maiden and quite the warrior. This one is a little tougher than what I’d wear for Jack. This one needs to say I’m a lady with a bad girl twist. Maybe something like this?

Orlando loves me…ok, another untruth…but another GREAT fantasy too! LOL

I just don’t know which one of these pirates is my favorite. They’re both bad boys in their own special ways. They both dress in great costumes…and each wears their style of pirate costume well…very well. How am I expected to choose? Who’s your favorite? Or do you have trouble choosing too?