Back to the Future Part II: 5 Things We Were Promised in 2015 and Still Don’t Have

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When Steven Spielberg brought moviegoers the masterpiece that is Back to the Future, he brought them a classic based on time that would also stand the test of it. When he brought them the sequel, though, he thought he was doing the same thing. In reality, he was only bringing empty promises.

In Back to the Future Part II (1989), Spielberg takes zany scientist Doc Brown and his adventurous pal Marty McFly 16 years into tomorrow. For those lacking the ability or desire to do math, that means they travel to 2015 – the year you’re currently living in. The movie is riddled with inventions and technologies that have yet to been encountered in reality.

Costume SuperCenter is bringing you the top five:



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Let’s get one thing straight: those things that kids are cruising around on in the mall are not hoverboards. They have wheels and they don’t hover over the ground. Marty McFly introduced everybody to real hoverboards when he traveled through time into 2015, with his only limitation being that he couldn’t ride it over water.

Jaws 19

jaws 19

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Did anybody, even in the 1980’s, really want there to be 19 different installments in the Jaws franchise? In 1989, though, the title was fresh off of its third sequel and still making money. Nobody knew when the shark would be stopped. If Back to the Future Part II was remade now, Marty would probably walk past a theater showing Fast and the Furious 47.

Flying Cars


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Technology in automobiles has gotten pretty crazy since the release of Back to the Future Part II. Just take a look at what you drive; it probably has a rear-view camera or a lift gate that you can open with your foot. Okay, so maybe technology in cars hasn’t gotten that crazy.

Self-Lacing Sneakers

air mag

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Earlier in 2015, Nike released the Air Mag that was prominently featured in Back to the Future Part II, but with one major flaw: they weren’t self-lacing. In the film, all Marty has to do is put these bad boys on and they tighten themselves. Nike has released some intense technologically-advanced gear in recent years, but kicks that tie themselves aren’t included.

Chicago Cubs: World Series Champions

chicago cubs

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Let’s not talk about this one yet. Costume SuperCenter refuses to be held accountable for a jinx.

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