Barbie Lives in the Condo Next Door

By May 15, 2009 In the News No Comments

Five stories above the bustling city below she lives in pure Barbie doll bliss. Her hair is blond and styled just right. There is never a hair out of place. Her jeans are tight but fit that perfect figure like a silk glove, smooth and sculpted in sinuous slender sexy form. Her breasts are just the right size and they don’t contain any silicone. Can you picture her? She is Barbie, the American dream girl and she lives in the condo next door.


In fact, I can give you the room number. It is absolutely number 10 on the fifth floor just two doors away from the elevator.  You probably know the sound of her walk. The heels are four inches or higher but her gait never wavers. Barbie has the perfect posture and just the right bounce in her step, no matter what size high heels she is wearing.

The parties are always held in her condo and you are never invited. Neither am I so don’t feel bad. We buy the invitations from someone who knows someone who lives next to the janitor who fixes things for the wife of her cousin. Is that about right?

Well, I have good news for you! Now you can dress just like Barbie and crash that next great party where all the socialites come to mingle with the “in” crowd. I’ll be dressing the part so we can go together and pose as twins if you like. Who would know the difference?

Take a look at our competition. She is chic, classy and beautiful. We’re going to use some racy sex appeal in hopes of winning the crowd’s vote.


Let’s go over our costumes together so there are no mistakes. If we are going to the next big Barbie bash, then we have to look absolutely perfect.

Light blond long hair wig with no split ends and very shiny….styled to accent our lovely perfectly tanned shoulders and back which we’ll be showing a lot of that night.   CHECK.

False eyelashes that touch our lower cheeks when we blink and curve upwards into a curl that makes our eyebrows bow out of the way. The color of mascara is a definite black, applied thickly. CHECK.

Tight strapless backless body hugging top with underwire bra built in to support our perfect size 38’s. Cleavage is necessary and will be accented with a fake diamond necklace to match the curves.  CHECK.

Silk jeans made of the best Lycra spandex imitation that our money can buy at the costume shop in hot pink. Of course, they are hip huggers to match our perfect 36’s that complement our upper size 38’s. You have to wear a belly ring and I’ll wear the waist choker that will fall just at the hip level on one side.   These jeans are stream-lined to show off our curvaceous thighs that have no sign of cellulite.  You picked the length at three inches below the knee. CHECK.

Tan body make up to enhance our muscular calves that have been freshly waxed. CHECK.

Are you ready for the final touch? You guessed it! The shoes.   Now you know we cannot wear just any shoes to qualify as an imitation Barbie. They have to be spiked heels at least four inches made with the thin spikes and they are brilliant colored red, deep and dark to match our lipstick. CHECK.

Are we hot enough yet? Wait till the “in” crowd catches sight of us at the party next week on Cosmopolitan Drive. Do you think we’ll win the Barbie look-a-like prize?