Quoting Your Favorite Batman Characters [Infographic]

Batman Characters Quote Graphic

For more than half a century, the Bat Signal has shone in the night sky of Gotham, and in that time we’ve enjoyed a wide variety of Bat-men, ranging from Adam West on our televisions to Christian Bale in the Christopher Nolan-directed epics.

Along the way we’ve had multiple, memorable villains join in the fun, too. And whether you prefer Jack Nicholson’s efforts as the Joker in ’89 or the 2008 Oscar performance from the late Heath Ledger, Costume SuperCenter journeyed back in time to show them all!

Batman Quotable Infographic

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If you’ve quoted these Gothamites until your vocal chords hurt and printed this out and hung it up, but still need your Bat Thirst to be quenched, check out the vast Batman costume selection offered by Costume SuperCenter!

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