Be Safe from Frankenstorm the Horrorcane

By October 29, 2012 In the News No Comments

The east coast is about to get royally slammed by Hurricane Sandy. We have heard some nicknames for this storm such as Frankenstorm and Horrorcane but despite the silly monikers, this is no laughing matter. This has the potential to be a real life Halloween horror story. We want everyone to be safe and sound. If you live in a storm effected area, please follow these tips to stay safe.

  1. If you live in an evacuation zone, beat it, get lost, high-tail it out of there and quick.
  2. If you can stay put, have plenty of water on hand. The rule of thumb is 1 gallon per family member per day. Half for drinking and half for cooking/washing.
  3. Have a battery operated or wind-up radio and flashlight in case you lose power.
  4. Make sure that your gas tank is full. If you lose power for an extended time, your local gas stations will not be able to pump gas. You can use your car to charge your cell phone and drive to a safer location.
  5. Store your outdoor furniture. If you don’t have anyplace to put it, tie it together securely.
  6. We strongly suggest you bring indoors all Halloween decorations, potted mums, flags and anything else that could be a potential wind projectile.
  7. Have a plan in place for any family member with special needs.
  8. Know the whereabouts of your insurance policies and important paperwork.
  9. Make sure your pets are wearing their collars and tags.
  10. Have plenty of cash. Credit cards are useless when there is no power.
  11. Make lots of ice while you still have power. It will help keep your freezer cooler longer. Fill Zip-lock bags with water and wedge them into the nooks and crannies of your freezer.
  12. Have a supply of non-perishable food that does not require cooking or refrigeration such as bread, peanut butter, whole grain crackers, cereal with single serving containers of Parmelat milk, canned fruits and nuts, beef jerky, energy bars, and of course snack chips.
  13. Have non-electronic games like board games and puzzles to occupy the kids.

The next 36 hours will make history. There has not been a direct hit to the Jersey Shore since 1903 making this truly the storm of the century. We hope everyone in the storm zone make it out unharmed. For everyone not in the storm zone, please send your prayers and positive energy to the east.