Happy Birthday, Bert!

Happy Birthday, Bert!


Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

That’s where we’ll be celebrating Bert’s birthday!

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Like all original Muppets, Bert was born in 1969, making him 46 years old this year, and we all think that’s just cause for celebration! Even Bert, who celebrates by Doin’ the Pigeon!

In honor of the big birthday, lets check out some facts about Bert:

  • Ever wonder who picked his outfit? Well, he did, obviously, but its been said that Bert wears his famous vertical stripes to look more uptight… As if he needs to look more uptight!
  • In spite of some people’s opinions, Bert and Ernie are just very good friends. They were created for the show to teach kids that even the least likely of people can become best friends. How’s that for a good lesson?
  • Bert’s favorite past times are reading, collecting paper clips and studying pigeons.
  • Bert’s favorite food is oatmeal – Yum!
  • Bert’s love for pigeons is undeniable, but he once took advice from another famous flier – A Bat! Bert and Ernie once met with Batman, and it was The Dark Knight who told this dynamic duo not to argue so much and suggested that maybe they take turns sharing the remote. Check out the clip below:

If you’re a true Bert believer, and you can’t make it to 123 Sesame Street today, you could always try Sesame Place instead! The series has its own theme park in Langhorne, PA where you can meet Bert and all of his pals like Ernie, Big Bird and even Oscar the Grouch. When you meet Bert, you’re going to want to show him what a big fan you are, right? Well, there are a few ways you can do that:

  1. Show up grumpy – Bert loves grumpy things and people, so spare no grump and share no smile when you see him!
  2. Bring a pair of argyle socks. Aside from his book on the history of pigeons, there is nothing Bert likes more than a great pair of argyle socks!
  3. Dress up as the birthday boy himself! Just remember, no smiling! CSC has you covered when it comes to dressing Bert-chic. Check out what we’ve got in stock right now!

Check out this awesome full body Bert costume:

Bert Bodysuit Teen Costume


Make playtime more fun with handfinger puppet Bert!



In honor of Bert’s bestie, we have an Ernie costume:

Adult Sesame Street Ernie Costume

The team at CSC wants to wish a very happy birthday to our very good friend, Bert. May your oatmeal always be hot and your paperclips always be pointy and round. Don’t forget to check in with us for any party supplies, whether you’re celebrating Bert’s 46th or a special somebody’s first birthday.