Best DC Superhero & Villain Costumes

While Marvel may hold the reins of the comic book industry right now, the classics are all DC! Superman was the very first comic book superhero, Batman is one of the most popular characters ever, and the wimpy villains of the Marvel universe will never be able to match the furious antics of the Joker, for instance!

Dressing as one of these classic heroes helps make a Halloween costume party or a night of trick-or-treating more fun than ever, so why not pick up one of our DC Superhero costumes or DC villain Halloween costumes so you’re ready for powerful fun!


Aquaman rules the seas and is King of the sunken city of Atlantis, and now you can dress as this famous warrior and leader in his latest reincarnation – from the Justice League movie – to show off a great look for Halloween! This is one of those DC Comics costumes that provide a unique look for the one who loves to play in the water. With a fun water design and bulging muscles, it’s the perfect way to look great for a party!

Black Manta

When Aquaman arrives to reclaim his throne at Atlantis, at least one person isn’t so pleased! Black Manta has it out for Aquaman, and now you can dress as this dangerous mercenary and inventor when you wear the Deluxe Mens Aquaman Movie Black Manta Costume! When Black Manta and Aquaman battle, Black Manta is sent to the depths, but nothing will stop this villain from claiming his revenge on the one who got his father killed!


Batman may be the most well-known DC hero, and he doesn’t even have any superpowers! Batman dedicated himself to fighting crime and locking away supervillains when his parents fell under a mugger’s bullet, and he has been protecting the city of Gotham for decades already! His classic costume has a flowing, sculpted cape to make him look like a bat, a cowl with pointed ears, and a utility belt with tons of tricks for every situation!


If you want to become one of Gotham’s caped crusaders but also want something with a little more feminine style, why not become Batman’s fiery protege, Batgirl? These DC Comics Halloween costumes turn you into an attractive, brave, and brilliant force for good when you get an item like the Batgirl Costume! Without any superpowers, she has to rely on tools like a grappling hook, a great costume, and her own wits!


There are several different versions of Catwoman, but for the most part, she’s a femme fatale jewel thief with a love of all things feline. Once again, what this Gotham denizen lacks in superpowers she makes up for in brilliance, wits, and a daring sense of charm and danger. In the Catwoman Costume, you can dress as the latest version of this famous comic book character, and become get one of the DC Halloween costumes not even Batman will be able to resist!

Harley Quinn

Another one of Batman’s famous villains is the wild and unpredictable jester queen Harley Quinn! Once a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, this doc fell under the spell of the Joker, and fell in love with him too! Dedicate to her Mr. J, she’s willing to do anything and everything for him, especially if it includes smacking the big bad Bat with her weapon of choice! The Harley Quinn Costume turns you into the latest version of this character!

The Joker

Who can mention the Batman without also bringing up his most famous archenemy, the Joker? This clown has been around since the beginning, and he gets crazier and crazier with every movie, video game, and television show! Nobody knows his true background or his reasons, but everybody knows he’s the most dangerous comic book villain out there, and with the help of the Joker Costume, you can get one of our great DC villain costumes and battle with Batman!

Poison Ivy

Known for her infatuation with the Batman himself, Poison Ivy is much more than a simple love interest. Teaming up with fellow villains Catwoman and Harley Quinn is merely a hobby – Poison Ivy uses her green ensemble to utilize plant toxins and pheromones to control minds, protecting endangered species and the environment. Villain or not, this is an iconic look you’re sure to impress with when you adorn our Poison Ivy Costume collection. Go green for Ivy!


All you have to do is yell out a single word of power (and get the Shazam Costume) to become one of the lesser-known but still powerful and fun characters from the DC Comics universe! This new movie style, with a lightning bolt and cape, will help you have an amazing time at a party, while trick-or-treating, and more!


Superman’s cousin Kara Zor-El barely escaped the doomed planet Krypton, and eventually found her way to Earth, where Superman had already established his presence. While her powers are the same as her more famous cousin, she has her own unique style for you to get this Halloween with the help of the Supergirl Costume! Get a stirring skirt, a long red cape, and a big, bright Supergirl symbol!


As one of the most famous DC Costumes, Superman began his time of heroism from the very moment he landed on Earth as an infant! With the Earth’s yellow sun fueling him, he can use his flight, super strength, eye blasts, and bulletproof skin to defeat any and all of the world’s most dangerous villains, and you can become this legendary character with the Superman Costume!

The Flash

When a bunch of chemicals, charged with lightning, doused Barry Allen, he turned into the fastest superhero ever, the Flash! Able to move almost at the speed of light and protected from the ravaging effects of friction and wind resistance by the strange Speed Force, the Flash is a powerful force for good and this Halloween you can make trick-or-treating easier than ever with the help of the Adult The Flash Costume!

The Riddler

Originating in 1948, The Riddler has become an iconic criminal mastermind within the Batman universe. Notable for incorporating riddles and puzzles into his schemes and debauchery, The Riddler leaves clues to taunt authorities and law enforcement officers alike. Become this diabolical mastermind with our Adult Riddler Costume collection. Green is definitely your color.

Wonder Woman

Show the boys who really rules the world this Halloween when you get the Wonder Woman Costume! Princess Diana has been powerful from the very start, as a member of the female-only group the Amazons, and now she has stepped out into the world to share her might with the weak and innocent! This is one of those DC Superhero Halloween Costumes that will get everyone at your next party looking your way!

DC Comics costumes like those you can see here are sure to help you make your next night of dress-up fun when you show up as a powerful hero or a dangerous villain – you can make powerful couples, amazing group looks, and get the kids something fun, too.

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