Best Marvel Superhero & Villain Costumes

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Best Marvel Superhero & Villain Costumes

Marvel has taken the world by storm! With a couple of movies a year and some of the highest-earning films in movie history under their belt, it’s no wonder the superheroes and villains have become some of the most popular Halloween costumes!

If you or your child want to become a powerful force for good, this list of Marvel superhero Halloween costumes is sure to help you find something you’ll love! But don’t forget the bad guys – Marvel villain costumes are also available for trick-or-treating, costume parties, and more!

Avengers Halloween Costumes

Captain America

Captain America was one of the very first Avengers (Though not actually a founding member in the comics), who began his superhero career fighting Nazis during World War II. A super serum flowing through his veins gives him incredible powers, and he’s always ready to defend the world! Get a star-spangled outfit with red, white, and blue for your next Halloween!

Black Widow

With a Black Widow costume, you’ll have the chance to become one of the Avengers’ most famous members, and get a look that’s sure to make you famous at your next party! Natasha Romanova is a skilled spy and warrior who has tons of tricks up her sleeves, and has no trouble getting out of tight spots in a slinky black jumpsuit!


Thor is the son of Odin, the ruler of Asgard, and he commands the powers of lightning and thunder by wielding Mjollnir, one of the most powerful weapons ever! His armor-inspired costume will make you ready for plenty of events, but you may want to work on your push-ups!


When a wave of powerful gamma radiation strikes Bruce Banner during a test, he morphs into the titanic and volatile Hulk! His sickly green skin and bulging muscles help him stand out among the other heroes, but don’t worry – his pants will always remain intact!

Iron Man

Tony Stark was the first hero recruited to the Avengers program, and his status as the team leader and genius inventor has never been bested. There are multiple versions of his famous armor suit available, and while they might not help you soar through the air or fire powerful energy blasts, this Marvel costume will surely make you feel heroic!

Black Panther & Spider-Man Halloween Costumes

Black Panther

When T’Challa ingests the mystical flower of Wakanda, and becomes the Black Panther, he invites a whole host of problems! His outfit turns him into a hero with a powerful cat’s appearance, with glowing lines to indicate his flowing power. There’s also Shuri, his sister, a gifted inventor, and the Dora Milaje, a group of elite warrior woman, battling alongside him against Erik Killmonger, who usurps T’Challa and must be defeated!


Peter Parker has a long history in the Marvel comics pages, and now there are plenty of different costumes available to turn you into the friendly neighborhood web-slinger! He can swing through the city, take on any kind of baddie, and avoid danger with a powerful spider-sense. His costume is a classic red and blue design with web hatching, and we offer designs from his latest movie, a cool black and grey version, as well as opponents like Vulture and Venom!

Captain Marvel & Ant-Man Halloween Costumes

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel – real name Carol Danvers – is the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and she may be one of the most powerful, to boot! She has incredible strength, the power of flight, and can even survive in the deepest reaches of space! Her outfit is an eye-catching red and blue with gold trim, but she also has a Kree black and green version. Her main enemy is Yon Rogg, who comes from the same planet and has the same abilities, and he sticks with the black and green outfit throughout the movie. These Marvel Halloween costumes are sure to make you ready to party or go to a movie premiere!


Scott Lang can change his size at will, becoming microscopic or an immense human a hundred feet tall! His outfit makes him look like an ant, which is also part of his special abilities – with a special communicator, he can control and speak with ants. The Wasp is Hope van Dyne, daughter of the man who invented the shrinking technology, who has flight abilities as well as the power that comes with shrinking, and the two of them can come together to create an amazing crime-fighting duo as well as a fun couple’s costume!

Thanos & Dr. Strange Halloween Costumes


Thanos – the Mad Titan – is the most dangerous character in the entire MCU! His huge size, incredible strength, and eerie purple color all mix to turn him into a physically imposing character, but it’s his goal of obliterating half of all life in the galaxy makes him the Avenger’s greatest enemy! One of these Marvel villain costumes will help you to rule Halloween!

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is the sorcerer supreme, and now it’s easy to gain magical powers with these Marvel costumes! With a long flowing cape (which lets him fly), a fancy-looking robe, and the powerful Eye of Agamotto around his neck, he can cast spells that will baffle even the most powerful creatures and enemies!

Guardians of the Galaxy Halloween Costumes

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy have come together to save the galaxy (maybe)! They may not have amazing powers, but they’ve got weapons, gumption, and some stellar eighties tunes. Star-Lord is the leader, he thinks, but there’s also green-skinned Gamora, the walking, talking tree person Groot, gun-happy Rocket Raccoon, gray-skinned and tattoed Drax, and you can also get a Yondu look, in case you want to dress just like Mary Poppins. Get them all for an amazing group costume!

Dark Phoenix & Hela Halloween Costumes

Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey has always been a powerful mutant, capable of telekinesis and mind-reading, but a horrible accident involving the Phoenix Force turned her into an unstoppable being that not even the X-Men can fight! Her classic outfit is shiny green with gold details, and it’s sure to give you the most power this Halloween!


Appearing first in the third Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok, Hela is Thor’s older sister, a powerful sorceress Odin locked away for trying to dethrone him. With amazing space-warping abilities and an army of minions at her command, Hela is ready to claim her rightful title in a unique black and green look that will make you the center of attention at a party!

With all of these heroes and villains to choose from in the Marvel universe, you’ll love picking from our collection of Marvel superhero costumes or Marvel villain Halloween costumes. They’re all great for big groups or couples, kids and adults, and they all help make you feel heroic for a night of trick-or-treating, going to a costume party, or attending a fan convention or movie premiere!

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