Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday Costumes Gift Guide

The holiday season is here! Soon, your head will be flooded with all the different ideas for presents you need to buy, and between the newest tech, the most talked about new video games and the good ol’ Amazon gift card cop-out, it’s easy to forget about the year-round appeal of costumes and cosplay. People might not immediately realize, but costumes are fun all year ‘round and make great gifts!

A movie is a great gift, but it will never beat the immersion you feel when actually stepping into the suit of your favorite hero. And if you just want to bring some more holiday cheer to a celebration, Christmas is packed with colorful characters, hilarious costumes and other brilliantly cheesy and iconic wardrobe pieces that look terrific under any tree. Here are a few options to help you find the perfect Christmas presents for all the special characters in your world.

Men’s Gift Ideas

Men's Holiday Costumes Gift Guide

Check out these gift suggestions for men this year and pick your favorite. There’s bound to be something he will find amusing in this list! From funny costumes to festive suits, we’ve got the best gifts for men.


Give the man in your life a present everyone will love with a Men’s Jurassic Park T-Rex Inflatable Costume. With our unique, inflatable designs, you don’t have to be a lover of movies to get a kick out of any full-grown man romping around Christmas morning like a festive Godzilla.

Holiday-Themed Suits

But let’s say he is just not the type to fully embrace the identity of a prehistoric predator—for the holiday party-guy, we have holiday suits! For example, there’s the Men’s Happy Holidude Opposuit, an eye-catching holiday printed two-piece suit that is so loudly colored, you can practically hear it.

Ugly Sweaters

Of course, no Christmas would be complete without another entry in the ugly sweater category. Make sure nobody misses this hilariously misguided style choice with a Christmas Light Up Ugly Sweater! Perfect for boyfriends, brothers, husbands, sons and any other male with a sense of humor, not only are they great gifts, but they will also create some unforgettable Christmas photos.

Women’s Gift Ideas

Women's Holiday Costumes Gift Guide

Tis the season for women to look amazing! From costume options that are cute as a button, through outfits that will dazzle the crowd of any party and even a few selections that lean more towards naughty than nice, there are countless ways to give the gift of festive fashion to ladies young and old.

Ugly Sweaters

When she unwraps an Adult Reindeer Christmas Sweater, you had better include a cup of hot cocoa, because ugly sweaters entail a lot of fireside cuddling and holiday movie watching in the immediate future.

Holiday-Themed Suits

The Christmiss Women’s Opposuit is a guaranteed attention-getter at any company Christmas party, so if you are looking for a terrific early present to give, a Christmas Suit is hard to beat.

Sexy Christmas Outfits

For a Christmas night, you will never forget, a sexy Christmas outfit would be the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend. Try getting her this Women’s Sexy Christmas fantasy costume. Sure, it’s a present for both of you, but it looks so good I doubt she’ll mind.

Baby Gift Ideas

Baby Holiday Costumes Gift Guide

Just think—You know Christmas outfits are great for the whole family when you can picture that family Christmas photo in your mind. Start making this image become a reality by getting a Christmas costume for babies or infants is the perfect way to use this little-known fact to create a holiday celebration that will keep everyone smiling.

Christmas Characters

When you bring your little one out in a Christmas Elf Infant/Toddler Costume, all attention in the room will shift right to your adorable elf.

Cute Buntings

Perhaps a Randolph the Reindeer Newborn Costume sounds even cuter! It would be wise to warn people beforehand because knees will be getting weak. The level of adorable with a cute bunting is too much to spring on anybody.

Baby Holiday Dress

On the other side of the cute coin is the Baby Christmas Diva Costume, which will let your little girl be her own character, instead of feeling typecast. A holiday dress like this will let her be the star of any family get-together during the holiday!

Boys Gift Ideas

Boys Holiday Costumes Gift Guide

Boys have always understood that you can wear a costume any time of year. I’m sure there are many that would gladly count costumes among their best back-to-school clothing if they were able. It’s no surprise that costumes celebrating your boy’s favorite characters are a terrific choice for Christmas this year.

Star Wars

If they can’t get enough of Star Wars costumes, our Star Wars Battle Trunk contains a terrific costume that is perfect for movie screenings and cosplay events.


Our Batman kids costume is a constant favorite of any fan of superhero costumes and is guaranteed to be their new favorite thing to insist on wearing. If your child prefers a different superhero, we have hundreds of others to choose from!

Harry Potter

Bring out their inner magic and love for the world of Harry Potter when you give them a Harry Potter standard kit.

Costume Hoodies

You could also make your little Pokémon trainer the coolest kid around with a Boys Pokémon Charizard Hoodie. Costume hoodies are the perfect way to capture a look without having to go all out.


If Dad already has the Jurassic World Inflatable T-Rex Costume, think about how awesome it will be when his son is a T-Rex all on his own, hunting right alongside his old man, or other matching inflatables.

Girls Gift Ideas

Girls Holiday Costumes Gift Guide

Imagine how merry and bright your Christmas will be when your little girl opens up a costume from her favorite movies of all time. After all, joy is what Christmas is all about, and these choices are sure to spread a smile across her face!


It’s the classic choice—she can dress up in a princess costume and become royalty. Who doesn’t love that all year ‘round? She will be thrilled about opening a Frozen Elsa Deluxe Costume or a Belle Costume from Beauty and the Beast.

Movie Dress-Up

A Harry Potter Trunk Set or Wizard of Oz Trunk Set is a terrific choice for your little movie buff, with complete movie costumes that are just waiting for a Harry Potter marathon or your family’s annual cinematic trip down the Yellow Brick Road.

Costume Hoodies

Get her a costume hoodie to turn her into the cutest little creature on the block! This Pokémon Tween Pikachu Character Hoodie will look adorable and show off her love of this iconic franchise.

Holiday-Themed Outfits

If she just can’t get enough of that Christmas spirit, give her a Girl’s Miss Claus Costume or Gingerbread Bopper Costume Headband that will make her holiday selfies that much jollier! Find events all year long that will give her a chance to strut her stuff in her new favorite costume.


If not a costume, our selection of kids shoes will provide something that is bound to impress her. From clear glass princess slippers to black ballet shoes, there is definitely a pair that calling to her.

Pet Gift Ideas

Pet Holiday Costumes Gift Guide

It just wouldn’t be right if you did not include your family’s furriest friend in all the holiday costuming excitement. Give everybody a gift when you present your little friend with a Christmas costume they can really party in. Make your puppy into the picture-perfect Christmas mascot with one of our holiday pet costumes guaranteed to get any party popping!

Holiday-Themed Pet Costumes

A Santa Paws Pet Costume is a fun and classic way to dress your doggy up right for the season. Nobody will be able to resist petting any pooch who’s dressed to impress! But maybe man’s best friend hasn’t been living up to the title lately.

Holiday Accessories

If your pet doesn’t quite like the feel of being put into an entire costume, you can always grab a pet accessory, such as this Red and Green Pet Tutu Costume! Still 100% cute, but less hassle of trying to get them into it!

Ugly Sweaters

Yes, even dogs wear ugly sweaters around Christmas time. Have your pet try out a Pets Ugly Christmas Sweater with Bow Costume. It’s just some good-hearted puppy shaming!

Think outside the box this Christmas and put a costume under the tree. Unlock the magic of costuming in a whole new environment than usual when you have a Christmas masquerade like no one has ever seen! Not only will your family have amazing costumes to wear throughout the year, but you just might begin a new Christmas tradition that will be treasured by all.

No matter the holiday, Costume SuperCenter has a way to throw some costume fun into the mix. Check out our entire selection and find the celebration that’s right for you and your family.

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