Bowsette Cosplay

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Bowsette Cosplay Tutorial

There was a fiery mashed-up meme going around the cosplay world you may have seen. It was an unexpected twist on a couple characters from the world of Super Mario Bros. Let’s suppose you could use the Super Crown from New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe to combine ANY characters you want. If you can turn Toadette into Peachette, what do you get when you combine the villain Bowser and Princess Peach? You get Bowsette!

This meme started with a fan art comic from twitter user @ayyk92 that went completely viral in a matter of days.

It wasn’t long before the fan art and cosplay community started to run with it and versions of the look started showing up all over social media. It really hit it’s stride right before New York City Comic Con so of course there were Bowsettes roaming the crowds there. We spotlighted a latex Bowsette in our NYCC Cosplay Recap.

This tutorial from @itslorenia will walk you through the steps it takes to make a no-sew Bowsette cosplay.

Pieces used from Costume SuperCenter as a base:

  1. Spiked Choker Necklace for Adults x5
  2. Playtime Bunny
  3. Super Mario Brothers – Princess Peach Accessory Kit
  4. Spikey Thigh High Boots – Black – Adult

Other things you will need:

  • Craft foam
  • Paper clay
  • Metal headband
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • A pen
  • Foam head (Optional)
  • Water (Preferably in a spray bottle)
  • White, gold, yellow, and black paint
  • Sand paper
  • Hot glue
  • Foam sheet
  • Pink felt sheet
  • Paint brush
  • Seam ripper
  • blank

Bowsette Cosplay Tutorial

For the crown pattern, you can make your own but I used Arda Wig’s pattern for the crown. You can find it here. I made mind a little shorter than they suggested so I cut mine on the grey line. If you do make yours shorter, you will still need the piece you cut off for the accent part at the bottom of the crown.

Bowsette Cosplay Tutorial

If you have a printer, you can skip some of these steps. I did not have a printer at the time, so I traced the pattern onto paper using my iPad as a lightbox. If you have a printer, I suggest simply printing out the pattern to make things easier for you.

Trace the pattern onto a piece of paper and cut out.

Trace the pattern again onto another piece of paper but this time you want to draw the whole crown on the paper. This will make it easier to trace onto the foam instead of using just the one piece. I suggest using slightly thicker paper than computer paper as the thicker paper will make it easier to trace onto the foam. Cut out pattern when done.

Trace the pattern onto your foam sheet and cut out.

Trace the accent piece onto the foam and cut out.

Bowsette Cosplay Tutorial

Once you have the crown and the accent piece cut out. you can assemble with hot glue. You’ll want to keep all seam lines in back of the crown so it’s not visible in front. At this time, you can paint the crown or you can wait until the very end when you make the balls that sit on top of the crown. You can either use gold spray paint to paint the crown, or hand paint it. I chose to hand paint it so you will need to take gold paint and mix a little yellow into the paint. The gold paint maybe a little too watery/opaque, so the yellow will help thicken the the paint for a more solid layer. It may take several layers of paint to get the crown to your linking.

Bowsette Cosplay Tutorial

Moving onto the horns, you’ll want to first make a pattern to see how big you want them to be.

Next you want to take paper clay and make a physical horn. You can start with a inwards curved teardrop shape and then transform into more into a horn as you go.

If you find the horn isn’t big enough in one area, take a small amount of clay and smooth/work it into the horn.

You can lightly press the horn into a foam head to flatten the bottom.

Now that you have a rough shape of the base, the rest is just shaping it out to your liking. When working with the clay, you remove the moisture from it. You will need to restore the moisture, otherwise the base will continue to crack as you work with it. To smooth the cracks, you can either have a bowl with water at the ready to wet your fingers as needed to smooth out the cracks. You can also use a spray bottle and wet the clay directly where cracks are and work them out that way. I chose the spray bottle method for smoothing out the horn. When you finish both horns, set them in a good place to dry. Make sure you do not have a fan running in the room you wish to let them dry in. I made that mistake when I started letting mine dry and it ended up creating more cracks during the drying process. It is okay if you have one or two cracks in the end when they’re drying as those can be fixed. Paper clay dries by air so you’re going to want to leave them alone for a few days. I left mine to dry for almost four days.

Make sure to check on the horns throughout the drying process. If there’s any cracks formed during the drying process, you can handle it two ways. If the clay is still somewhat soft and kneadable, use the water method as you did before. If the clay is a little more on the hard side, take a tiny piece of clay and smooth it over the crack. You will have to let them sit for a little longer if you add any new clay to the horns.

Once they’re completely dry; sand, sand, and more sanding. This will smooth them out even further. Finish off by painting white.

You’ll also want to create four small balls with your clay that sit on top of the crown. They should only take a day or so to dry and shouldn’t need much work done to them during the drying process. Finish them off by painting gold to match your crown. Two small oval shapes for the eyes should also be created. Finish those off by painting black.

Attach both the eyes and balls to the crown using hot glue.

Bowsette Cosplay Tutorial

(There’s a few steps I forgot to photograph, but thankfully they’re fairly self explanatory without a visual image.)

For the inside of the crown, draw a small circle onto paper and cut out. Trace the circle multiple times onto the pink felt. You will only need to draw circles in the middle of the felt and can leave the rest blank.

Take your white paint and dab it onto the felt with your paint brush. I do not recommend “painting” onto the felt as it loosens the fibers.

To get the pink felt inside of the crown in a ball shape, pinch the felt all the way around and it should end up looking somewhat like a ball. Careful place it inside the crown and hot glue to secure it to the crown.

All the pieces of the crown should be complete at this time so you’re final steps are to just glue them onto a headband. I used a gold wire headband to blend into my blonde wig. The crown will be fairly top heavy when finished, but can be secured with bobby pins.

Bowsette Cosplay Tutorial

The only thing left to do to finish your Bowsette cosplay is to alter the spikes.

Cut off one end of the velcro, but leave the other side attached. Do this for all 5 spiked chokers.

Seam rip off the velcro part on the pieces you just cut off. You can discard the plastic squares afterwards.

Take the choker and see how much excess you will need to cut off. You will need two for your wrists, two for arm-bands, and one for a choker (even though it’s actually designed to be a choker, it was still big for my neck so I need to do all these steps for my neck piece too). For this piece, I would cut in between the two spikes where my thumb is touching.

Glue the velcro piece onto the end where just cut. I do not recommend using hot glue for this portion of the project as the velcro will not stay to the plastic.

Bowsette Cosplay Tutorial

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Bowsette Cosplay Tutorial

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