What Does a Bun in the Oven and Bacon and Eggs Have in Common?

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No, it’s not a warm bacon and egg sandwich. They have a good time in common!

I’m going through and just searching the many costumes trying to get ideas of my next best joke or party or whatever (I’m not saying what) and I’m finding some really funny ones.

This one is a spitting image of my ex-husband. Too funny, he looks just like he did at a party we threw one Halloween. And yes, on a scale from 1 to 10, he also looked like a 2.

Adult Male Ring Girl Costume

How about this? It made me think of the lyrics, “Hey good lookin’. Whatcha got cookin’?” Who sings that? You do know it’s a song right? Of course, if you’re like my daughter, then you don’t know anyone or anything that is part of our great American culture! (Refer to my Animal House blog post.) lol

Bun In The Oven Adult Costume

I think it would be great for the theme of my song above or a pregnant woman with an actual “un in the oven”.

Then again, you could make it a threesome at a party and invite the bacon and eggs! After all, it’s an obvious pun! Stove cooks up bacon and eggs! Lol

Bacon Eggs Adult Couples Costume

There is one day a year I hear everyone saying “Green Beer and Eggs”! You got it, St. Patrick’s Day! What? You think I’d put show you an egg costume here and not throw in the beer? Paleezze!

Beer Keg Costume Adult

Personally I can think of many things this costume could come in “handy” for and you could put our best foot forward. LOL…I know, stupid joke and dumb pun, but I’m tired and it made me laugh!

Twister Adult

I guess the next thing to go with here is a butt; a bare butt. This is a classical costume when first seen is a shocker and always gets a good laugh! You know when you see one of these you have to look twice to be sure you didn’t see a real bare butt! Or…maybe you’re hoping it was? Lol

Hind Sight Adult Costume

And finally, here’s one for the guys! A wet t-shirt contest costume! We ALL know EVERYONE will do a double take on this one! Some will be shocked and disgusted at first and “others” will be double taking because they think they’ve just “saw something”! lol

Wet T-Shirt Winner Adult Costume

Regardless of how old you are or who you are, something I’ve posted here will tickle your funny bone. You can’t convince me otherwise; I’m betting on the bare butt and Twister!

Which one would you dare to wear?

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