Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial

Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial

The creators at Marvel have been keeping a pretty tight lid on the progress of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. We’re here for Marvel, til death do us part, but we were hoping for a little more… sharing. They usually have some leakers (looking at you Tom Holland!) during production that allows us all a glimpse of what’s to come. It’s been a while since we’ve seen any hints.

We’ve been eager to see more though we did just get this peek at ALISON BRIE LARSON exhibiting Brie Larson’s chiseled shoulders and Alison Brie’s cold-hard stare.

And there is supposed to be big news at noon…


Captain Marvel Entertainment Weekly Cover

This issue of EW is looking MARVELous!

So far, we know this movie is set in the ’90s which sounds perfectly nostalgic for a large slice of the Marvel Cinematic Universe fanbase. The creator of the movie Kevin Feige claims that much of this movie will take place in space among the battling Kree and the Skrull alien nations. Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, will be introduced to us as a fighter pilot and we will learn about her transition into life as the superhero Captain Marvel. All that said, we’ll have to wait until March 8, 2019, for this new installment into the MCU to hit the theaters.

This Cosplay tutorial is written and photographed by our friend Uncanny Megan! Final photos by @jlunasin

Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial

This tutorial is for a Captain Marvel bodysuit – She has many different designs and there are many ways to make them all, but this is the route I chose to take!

Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial Step 1

I started off with the Simplicity 8286 bodysuit pattern and cut out the pieces for Bodysuit A in my size.

Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial Step 2

Then, taking the pieces I had cut out, I traced the front and back pieces onto newspaper and drew up new designs to feature Captain Marvel’s signature red and gold V. I repeated this step with the sleeve pattern as well.

I then took my fabric and cut out my newly drawn pattern pieces, as well as the rest of the unaltered pieces.

When cutting out my self-drawn pattern pieces, I made sure to leave some seam allowance to make sure the full costume will still be the same dimensions in the end.

Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial Step 3

Next, I began making the base of the bodysuit, following the original pattern directions. This was done by pinning each piece together, right-side in, and sewing them in place with a zig-zag stitch.

Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial Step 4

Once the main part of my bodysuit was sewn together (ie: the torso), it was time to add the gold and red V. I did this the same way I attached the torso pieces together.

Next, I repeated the previous step and attached the gold and red designs to the sleeve bases.

I also decided to hem my sleeves with a line of red, to have a cute cuff and avoid any showing stitches.

To do this, I took two rectangles the same length as the end of my sleeves, folded them in half (right-side out) and attached them to the bottom.

Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial Step 5

For my next step, I added piping to the sleeve holes of the bodysuit. I did this first by using a sewing machine and a zipper foot and then hand sewing to make sure it was attached as closely as possible. Once the piping was in place, I attached the sleeves.

My next step was adding the zipper, which I did by pinning it in place and then sewing it twice. Once with a regular zipper foot and then another time, retracing my steps with an invisible zipper foot.

Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial Step 6

After the zipper was finished, it was time for the collar. Taking the regular collar pattern piece, I elaborated slightly by curving the edges. I then pinned and sewed it together following the pattern directions.

To make sure the collar would sit upright and stay closed, I also hand stitched some large clasps to the inside.

The finishing touch to the collar was sewing some small gold buttons into place!

Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial Step 7

After this, it was time to begin working on the bottom half of the suit. I started by closing the seam underneath my zipper and sewing the crotch pieces together.

Then, I took my leg fabric, sewed the pieces together, and began to attach the legs to the torso. This was done by placing each leg right-side out against the bodysuit, lining up the seam lines, and sewing it into place.

Once I had a full bodysuit sewn up, it was time for the star! I printed out a photo to use as a pattern, cut it out, and then cut out my fabric star in two halves.

Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial Step 8

To attach the star to the suit, I chose to use some Peel ‘n Stick sheets. The sheets weren’t quite big enough, so I had to cut them out in quarters instead of halves.

The last step was the belt. I made this using one very long rectangle of fabric, pinning it together right-side in, and sewing along the edge.

Once sewn, I flipped it back right-side out. Then, placing the seam in the center, I folded my edges inward, pinned them down, and sewed them shut.

Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial Step 9

For the medallion, I took a sheet of 4mm craft foam, cut out a circle, and then cut out a slightly larger circle in my gold material.

I hot glued the fabric down to the back of the foam circle and then also glued safety pins so it could be removable from the belt.

After I finished all my crafting, I ordered my last few pieces online. I got a few accessories from Costume SuperCenter. All these pieces are up to your preference, but here are Boots, Gloves and a Wig I like!

Thank you so much for reading!

Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial

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