Celebrate in Style!

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Got a party to go to? What’s your style?

Mardi Gras

This has always been a time of outrageous partying and drunken debauchery. It’s a time to let it all hang out– especially if you want some pretty beaded necklaces! Everything about Mardi Gras is fun-loving and excessive, which makes it a perfect time to get those costumes out! If you’re lucky enough to experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnivale in Rio de Janiero, don’t just wear a couple of beaded necklaces. This is your chance to really commit to character. Trust me, no matter how crazy your get-up, you still won’t be the craziest costume there. Mardi Gras really takes the “inappropriate to wear” category out of the equation. It’s so much fun!


This is a time for kids and adults alike!

What is appropriate for a kid or an adult to wear? Of course, there really is no limit, but you want to wear something that conveys your own wacky sense of style or sense of humor. Kids usually like the latest trends of the latest cartoon craze or the hero of the month. Adult women…you ladies seem to go for the sex kitten stuff and guys, well, you like macho costumes!

Costume Parties

This area really depends on if there is a theme or just for fun. Again, if this is just for fun the ladies have the sex kitten thing going on and guys tend to either do a macho thing or something on the silly side that shows their funny side. If it’s a theme party, like for a birthday party then depending on the age group you could find, again with kids the latest fad but with adults, there is no limit.

This makes me think I want to throw a costume party now! How fun would it be for a bunch of adults to have a “Just Because I Said to Dress Up” party!

What do you think? Any ideas?