Celebrate Mother’s Day with the Top 5 Costumes for Moms


I’m a mom so naturally I love Mother’s Day. Even though I consider it a Hallmark holiday, I still like to be recognized for trying my best. As every mom knows, being a mother is the world’s hardest job short of Bering Sea crab fisherman.

To mark the holiday, here are my Top 5 costumes that all mom’s will appreciate:

1. Wonder Woman – She is the keeper of peace, has amazing strength and she has a golden lasso of truth. If she wants to spy, her invisible airplane allows her to gather surveillance unnoticed.  In a way, every mom is Wonder Woman. I just wish I looked as good as she does in that outfit.

2. Mrs Incredible – Mrs. Incredible’s ability to stretch in super human ways is very similar to our ability to catch a wandering toddler while simultaneous cooking dinner, helping with homework, getting the dog out of the trash and talking to our boss on the phone.

3, Mother Nature – She is the mother of us all. To harness her power would be beyond compare. Without Mother Nature, there would be no life on Earth and without us moms, there would be no inhabitants.

4. Carol Brady – We should envy Mrs. Brady. Not only did she get to stay home but she had hired help to do all the work. I wonder what she did all day while the kids were at school? I know what I’d do. Then, with all those kids, she and Mr. Brady still had plenty of energy at the end of the day to get frisky.

5. 50’s Mom – She may be very far from the norm today but the 50’s mom, in a way, is what we with we could be. She always looked perfect; never left the house with out her hair done and fully made up. When her hubby got home, the house was spotless, the kids were quietly occupying themselves and a gourmet dinner was on the table.

To all the moms out there, Costume SuperCenter wished you the most wonderful and special Mother’s Day yet