Celebrating Space Day is Out of This World


This Saturday is Space Day. Space Day is an annual event sponsored by Lockheed Martin that takes place at various National Air and Space Museum locations. Among the highlights include the Space Shuttle Discovery on display in Chantilly, VA. In Washington, DC, visitors will get to see a full scale Hubble test telescope and learn all about it.

Space Day is a family orientated event that attracts people from all walks of life. You’ll get a chance to meet a lot of important people, try hands-on activities and see amazing demonstrations.

We have a variety of authentic NASA Space Suit Costumes that will help you celebrate Space Day like a real astronaut. You might also want to demonstrate what life is like in a far off galaxy by wearing an alien costume. There are also lots of activities you can do, in costume of course, to celebrate Space Day.

  1. Get some large cardboard boxes and build a rocket ship or space shuttle. Cover it in aluminum foil and give it a really cool name.
  2. Go to your local sporting goods store and by some freeze dried ice cream from the camping department. Eat it with a glass of Tang – the official drink of the original astronauts.
  3. Put on your astronaut space suit and jump on a trampoline to try to experience fleeting seconds of weightlessness.  Then, spin around in circles 100 times and try to walk to simulate the disorientation of space.
  4. Play some Space Day Games