Choose Your Side: Civil War Desktop & Mobile Wallpapers [Downloads]

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Marvel Comics’ latest film brings fans something that they weren’t sure they’d ever see on the big screen – a split between the greatest team of heroes that has ever been assembled. In Captain America: Civil War, Cap’ and Iron Man have a few differences to settle, and Costume SuperCenter has new downloadable wallpapers to be the first to help you envision this face-off, as difficult as it may be.

Both Avengers are bringing some new friends along for this ride, too, as Scott Lang (Ant-Man) has decided to side with Steve Rogers and T’Challa (Black Panther) will go to war alongside new pal Tony Stark.

Click on the link below the image that matches your desired wallpaper size and remember – Divided, we fall!

Civil War Wallpaper

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If dressing up your backgrounds isn’t enough to have you feeling the Avengers this summer, check out Costume SuperCenter’s other Marvel Comics styles and Avengers Costumes. Was there another character from Civil War that you were hoping to see on one of these wallpapers? Let us know in the comments below!

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